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The security industry is huge. Hundrerds of thousands of professionals are working hard every day to keep us, organisations and are world safe. Security managers, vendors, manufacturers, consultants, installers and users are all confronted with security technology and security systems. It is our mission to help security industry representatives to find each other more easily and understand each other better. That is why we keep adding content and features to this site. And you can benefit from that!

Advantages for manufacturers and vendors

The industry for security systems has very quickly become a global market place. A vibrant community with all sorts of innovation. The global awareness of continuous imminent security threats have resulted in an increase in spending in security systems. Which is probably one of the reasons that we have witnessed so many take-overs, mergers and introductions of new brands. Remaining competitive in that arena is not an easy task. Especially now that online communication and presence are driving the way your company and products are perceived and accepted.

The Security Industry Group is one of the biggest groups on LinkedIn with over 100,000 members. It’s owner, Maarten Mijwaart, has been active as a business leader in the security industry for over 12 years working for one of the major brands (Nedap). Maarten’s company Explicate is specializing in bridging the gap of comprehension between suppliers and buyers in technology driven industries. We are vendor neutral and only committed to the industry, not to specific brands. We are now using our experience, competencies and marketing power to make a success. And you can enjoy the benefits of being part of the virtual market place that we are building. We can help you be seen and be recognized. Bu t you remain in full control of you potenital clients, your information and your communication. Please listen to our exclusive message to security vendors,

Unlock the potential

Vendors and manufacturers are invited to present themselves and a number of their most important products at Ready to become a publishing vendor?
Then please consult the: Vendor Manual 1.1 and choose your membership.

Benefits for security managers, consultants and integrators

Finding the right technology, the right solution, system or provider is not always an easy task in a large industry that is changing constantly. Understanding all those new and renewed propositions and being able to estimate their value to your organisation or situation is sometime challenging. That is where we try to help. We invite vendors to present themselves and their products in a standardized and comprehensive way. Have a look at online security trade show

In addition we try to accompany information from vendors with specials, news items, videos and other content to help you to better understand the value of solutions and products that are offered.

Benefits for recruiters and candidates

A security industry specific “Security Jobs“-section is an important part of Recruiters and job seekers can use the section to find each other. Candidates can submit their resume. Recruiters can submit their vacancies. And both have their own dashboard to manage their own information.

To get the “Security Jobs“-section started we have begun collecting vacancies from several prominent sites from all over the world. The collection of vacancies is update daily.


Security managers and other users will always have free and unrestricted access to all information on our site. If you register as a user, you will also be able to leave reviews, join discussions, submit your resume and follow topics.

Security vendors that would like to present their products will have to choose a vendor membership. Don’t worry, there is a free option so you can try the site first!

Recruiters will have to procure a recruitment package. Feel free to contact us with ideas and proposals.

We appreciate your business. It enables us to keep this initiative going and expand the possibilities of this site. 

Here is an overview of possibilities to support memberships and sponsorships July 2019.


Thank you for your support!