What’s the meaning of…?

Let’s build up a glossary of physical security terminology!

We love acronyms and buzz words in this physical security industry. That has always been the case. And the ongoing convergence with information security is making it worse. Every type of application of technology is bringing it’s own set of words to the table. Some are of technical nature, some are related to organisational concepts. This week we added Akuvox as a vendor on SecIndGroup.com and we we have learned a great deal about modern intercom systems and some of the terminology related to modern communication systems in security.

Tell me honestly: Do you always know what is meant with specific words? Don’t you sometimes feel like ‘Yeah, I think I know what is meant with that, sort of. But am not really sure’?

I have certainly felt exactly like that quite often. And I have learned a lot from admitting I did not know the meaning of something and then asking someone. To support us all in quickly finding the meaning of certain words, we have started building up a security glossary.

SecIndGroup.com What's the meaning of...?

We have added the first few words in there. But the cool thing is you can also submit words into it. Which is great, because now we can expand it together and make something really useful out of it.

Thanks for helping out!


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