We have been launched into 2021!

We have been launched into 2021!

The new year has begun. 2021 is here. Most of us are still trying to get our heads around all the news and developments of 2020. But what will the new year bring? Will the COVID pandemic end? Will things return to normal? Or will we come to terms with a new reality? These are not only relevant questions for society in general, but certainly also for the security industry.

We have been launched into 2021!

One thing already seems certain: 2021 will not commence in a quiet, even way. You could say that we have been launched into the new year. COVID is still here and is increasing its impact on our economies and societies. There is a lot of international political turmoil. And in the last days of 2020 and in this first week a lot of significant events have taken place, also in our industry: Teledyne made major announcement with the planned acquisition of FLIR. Magal completed a major acquisition and won a major security project in Africa. Gallagher has helped clients deal with a vulnerability in their access control solution. HID Global released information about a great mobile access project at Avalon. And Safeture won a breakthrough project in the Netherlands. It seems that we will see a lot of ambitious activity from vendors in our industry.

Our plans for 2021

The Security Industry Group (and SecIndGroup.com) also are working on some new initiatives. In the upcoming weeks you can expect a refreshed appearance of our website and also new features that will support our mission: to help make sure that security managers and security vendors (the buying and selling side in our industry) will understand each other well. By bringing transparency to our industry we can increase the effectiveness of security and safety projects and implementations. We will continue to work on our mission in 2021. And now that physical trade shows and events again will be very limited this year, our online security trade show just may be a great alternative.

Security On Screen

One important new initiative was already announced at the end of last year: our strategic collaboration with Security On Screen. In the video below we try and explain why it makes so much sense that the Security Industry Group and Security On Scree collaborate:

It is our belief that video content will be greatly appreciated by our audiences. The combined channels of the Security Industry Group and Security On Screen also offer marketing executives in the industry with great possibilities to present their solutions to the industry. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about ways we can support your campaigns and PR-activities.

Remember to join the free online security trade show!

It will be an interesting year. And what not start it with joining the free online security trade show. Start right away. Or just contact maarten@explicate.nl and we will be happy to get you started.

Let’s work together to make most of 2021!

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