Videos about security

Informational videos about security has a Youtube Channel on which frequently new videos are published. The topic addressed in the video usually relates to security technology. The following videos have been published:

Episode 1: What is the idea behind

Episode 2: What is OSDP?

Episode 3: Will access badges be replaced with smartphones?

Episode 4: What is RFID?

Episode 5: What is the difference between prox and smart cards?

Episode 6: What is the best way to identify vehicles?

Episode 7: What is UHF?

Episode 8: What is ANPR and why is it popular?

Episode 9: What is biometrics and what can we expect from it?

Episode 10: What is security convergence?

Episode 11: How easy is it to copy access control cards?

Episode 12: The difference between online and offline access control

Episode 13: Is security in the cloud a good idea?

Episode 14: Can ANPR and video analytics be combined?