VIDEO: What is Biometrics and what can we expect from it?

Episode 9: “Hey Maarten, what is biometrics and what can we expect from it?”

Maarten Mijwaart from tries answering questions that are relevant to the security industry.

This week’s question: What is biometrics? And what can we expect from in in security in the upcoming years?

Note: I consider biometrics a singular noun in this case. 😉

Biometrics in security refers to any technology that is used to identify a person using one or more physical characteristics of that person.

In this video I try and answer a few questions about biometrics in security that are related to each other:

  • What is biometrics?
  • Why are biometric technologies popular in access control?
  • Which forms of biometrics are popular in security?
  • What should you consider when selecting a biometric system?
  • What can we expect from biometrics in the future?

Considerations mentioned in the video:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Design
  • Scalability
  • Enrollment procedure
  • Accuracy: False Acceptance Rate and False Rejection Rate
  • User experience

This video represents my personal view. You may very well disagree or have complementary remarks. Let me know!

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