Video: How easy is it to copy access cards? question of the day: Ep. 11 – How easy is it to copy access cards?

Maarten Mijwaart from tries answering questions that are relevant to the security industry. This week’s question: Is it easy to copy access control cards? And if so, how would that impact the security level of your access control system?

Copying Cards
Card cloning and tampering

Now and then we hear about cards that are hacked. The hacks of MIFARE Classic and HID Prox cards were in the news many years ago and these cards are not considered really secure anymore. These cards however are still heavily used. Is that by definition a bad thing?

Many modern smart cards from vendors like NPX, HID Global and Legic are of course not hacked and use encryption standards that have not been compromised (yet). But how easy is it to clone or tamper with the content of cards that use outdated or insufficient security measures?

Let’s have a look at that without getting too technical.

Topics addressed:

  • Card security
  • System security
  • Card tampering/copying (demo)

The video is intentionally not in-depth and certainly not complete. Remarks? Additions? Questions? Share them!

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