Video: Combining ANPR with video analytics

Video: Combining ANPR with video analytics

We have mentioned the emergence of video analytics in the security industry in our article about potentially disruptive technologies, our report about GSX 2019 and in market reports. The power of AI in cameras has resulted in the ability of cameras to identify faces and all kinds of other moving objects, like vehicles.

ANPR Cameras are different from ‘normal’ cameras that are used for video surveillance. The hardware and software of these cameras is optimized to accurately read license plates in various circumstances. Dedicated ANPR cameras are often more accurate and reliable in reading license plates than general purpose cameras.

In this video we are looking at the benefits of equipping ANPR camera’s with video analytics capabilities. We are showing some examples of interesting applications of that combination…

The camera and the footage shown in this video belong to one of our launching partners Tattile. Their flagship camera equipped with video analytics capabilities is the Tattile VEGA Smart 2HD.

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