Verkada Launches Cloud-Based Access Control to Deliver on Vision of Powering the Modern, Integrated Building

Verkada Launches Cloud-Based Access Control to Deliver on Vision of Powering the Modern, Integrated Building

Verkada Inc, supplier of cloud-based physical security, today launched its Access Control solution as it takes its next step to deliver on the company’s vision of becoming the operating system that powers modern buildings. 

Verkada Launches Cloud-Based Access Control

Integrated with its industry-leading enterprise video security solution, Verkada is the first to provide real-time visibility into buildings by seamlessly combining video footage with access-based events in a simple, cloud-managed platform.

“When we started Verkada, we recognized how complex and fragmented the building was,” said Filip Kaliszan, CEO and co-founder of Verkada. “With the introduction of our access control solution, we’re continuing our mission of bringing greater simplicity to manage and integrate the essential control solutions that run our buildings.”

With its cloud-managed solution, Verkada aims to help organizations move away from the outdated and complex offering of traditional access control. Users no longer need to manage on-premise servers, maintain software or face limitations as their organization’s scale—Verkada access control is built for limitless scalability across any number of sites, administrators and user credentials.

Customers also benefit from a powerful cloud-based software platform to easily manage their buildings. Verkada Access Control is designed for simplicity so teams across facilities and security can seamlessly manage their buildings without a dependency on IT from responding to incidents, easily provisioning badges, or remotely unlocking doors.

“Access control plays a pivotal role in keeping our business and employees safe,” shared Kyle Hirai, Head of IT and Security at Moveworks. “However, historically, it has been a bulky solution that leaves little room for active monitoring and management.”

“With Verkada, we’ve seen access control shift from being a tool for managing key cards to becoming an essential part of how teams across our organization manage our building, credential users and respond to incidents in real-time.”

To complement its access control solution, Verkada is also introducing the Verkada Pass app—a mobile credential platform and the company’s first product experience for everyone across the organization. Organizations can support multiple credential formats, giving their users the option to continue to use traditional methods like cards and mobs, or move to the smartphone they carry everywhere to unlock doors simply.

In addition to introducing its Access Control solution, Verkada also announced its latest line of enterprise hybrid cloud cameras with its Bullet Series. Included in the Bullet Series are the CB51-E and the CB61-E, each built with powerful processing and high capacity storage. The Bullet Series stands as the toughest in Verkada’s line, encased in CNC aluminum with a hermetically sealed lens.

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