University Of Groningen Expands its EAL ATS Access Control System

University Of Groningen Expands its EAL ATS Access Control System

The University of Groningen is an internationally oriented university, rooted in Groningen, the City of Talent. This prestiguous educational institution is active in the full breadth of the scientific spectrum. Quality as a value has played a central tole in the university policies for over 400 years. As a result: in influential rankings, the University of Groningen is often regarded to be one of the top 100 universities.

University Of Groningen Expands its EAL ATS Access Control System

The University of Groningen is an extensive organization, subdivided into various faculties and departments and is housed in more than 150 buildings, spread throughout the city of Groningen and the surrounding area. From the many beautiful characteristic buildings in the city center of Groningen to the very modern facilities at the Zernike complex.

The University of Groningen has been a satisfied user of the EAL ATS360 system for several years now. Which is a number of buildings were already equipped with the EAL solution for wired access control, wireless offline, wireless online, as well as EAL key management. EAL therefore is proud to announce that it has have been awarded to implement the expansion of the central EAL ATS360 system to all university buildings.

This project will be planned and executed in collaboration with Wardenburg Security.

In this project, in addition to the more than 350 existing card readers and 17 existing key cabinets, new wired and wireless card readers will be deployed in all buildings, which will all be added to the existing EAL ATS360 system installation as an extension. Due to the expansion with approximately 800 new card readers and 145 new control centers, the University of Groningen will soon be equipped with one central and overarching Security Management and Access Control System.

About EAL

EAL was founded in 1972 and although the HQ is our Dutch office in Apeldoorn, there are offices in Amsterdam (WTC Schiphol),  Luxembourg  and Hungary.

EAL distinguishes herself from other suppliers by the entire portfolio consists of “own” products. Both productions being software and hardware development is fully realized in-house. This allows EAL to remain fully independent in the market, enabling to always fulfill what was agreed with a customer. Unlike others, we don’t need to make any additional agreements to the final vendor. This independence guarantees the easy access towards our development at all times.

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