TKH Security Delivers a New Parking Experience to the County of San Mateo

TKH Security Delivers a New Parking Experience to the County of San Mateo

TKH Security and parking solutions.

Complete Parking Guidance System for the County of San Mateo
The County of San Mateo chose to deploy the M4 smart-sensor PGS. In addition to the M4 installation, this smart-parking system will also include two unique software add-ons, Park Alerts™ and Park Finder™, which use integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to maximize parker satisfaction and increase control within the garage.

Easy navigation by M4 smart-sensors
As parkers enter the facility, they will be seamlessly guided to open spaces. The bright, color-coded M4 smart-sensors help parkers navigate the garage by indicating which spaces are available and occupied using red and green lights. Designed to change from red to green when spaces become available, the LED light ring indicator quickly directs parkers to available bays, decreasing parking search times, minimizing traffic congestion, and increasing garage efficiency.

TKH Security Park Finder System
The Park Finder software module ensures that guests can easily pinpoint their vehicle upon returning to the garage. Utilizing the Find Your Car™ vehicle locator, guests can enter their license plate number into the Park Finder system. The system then searches its database of vehicles to find and direct customers to the correct car, easing unnecessary stress and limiting wasted time as visitors exit.

Parking Facility Management
The Park Alerts software extension offers parking management greater control of the garage. This software add-on helps create a more efficient and safe facility, enabling parking management to set automated rules and alerts. These time and license-plate-based alerts notify management if any parking policies are violated so they can take the appropriate action, serving to regulate usage and improve the facility’s security.

“As TKH Security’s first PGS installation with a municipality in the Bay Area, we are thrilled to be working with the County of San Mateo to provide a system that will fulfill all its parking needs.” Said Will Cai, Regional Account Manager.

Working with Del Monte Electric and Truebeck, the project is already underway and scheduled for completion by September 2021.

If you require any further information about this application, feel free to contact TKH Security.

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