Thoughts on Security Gates, Automatic Gates and Perimeter Security

Thoughts on Security Gates, Automatic Gates and Perimeter Security

Written by Marian Domingo

Perimeter protection and preventing unapproved access are crucial aspects of safeguarding your commercial interests. Robust perimeter security and versatile security gates are the first line of defense in a physical security plan. However, it is not a one size fits all solution. Properties vary in size, environment, topography, and risk factors. When choosing suitable security gates and perimeter security for your business, you must consider various factors including the area and perimeter, environmental conditions, terrain, budget, style, and plans (like expansion).

This article will help you understand the basics and choose suitable security gates and perimeter security solutions. 

Thoughts on Security Gates, Automatic Gates and Perimeter Security

Security gates 

Security gates are crucial components of the overall security and access control. They help to regulate access to various sections of premises. The gate of choice will depend on the purpose, function, space, style, and budget. 


Whether it is on commercial premises or residential property, the purpose for installing a gate should be the main criteria determining what you pick. Is the primary purpose protection, aesthetics, or both? 

Most people want gates that can meet both requirements – robust and secure, and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, finding a gate that meets both purposes is not that difficult today. Many modern manufacturers are ready to make customized gates. They are robust and meet the client’s desires, like color and finishing. 


The function of the security gate is crucial. The security gate installed at the main entrance is different from secondary gates that control access to a parking area or a yard. Due to the varying functions, the type and other features will be different. 

The main security gate should be robust, have an “impenetrable” feel, and it could block outsiders from peeking inside. For example, a large steel gate. 

However, gates to protect secondary entrances don’t require the “impenetrable look.” But they should be robust. Pick gates that would allow some level of access or interaction like scissors gates inside buildings. They are excellent for controlling access to hallways without compromising visibility or ventilation.


If you are on a strict budget, consider a manual gate. On the other hand, if the budget is flexible, we recommend an automatic gate. 

Manual gates, as the name implies, have little or no automation. They rely on human effort to operate. On the other hand, automatic security gates often inculcate technological advancements to boost your security and convenience. Many manufacturers build them with features like proximity sensors and cameras and are remote-controlled. 

Space and Style

Security gates come in diverse styles. There are swing gates, bi-fold swing gates, sliding gates, and many more. The space you have available will determine the style of security gate to use. 

Depending on the amount and orientation of the space, you can choose the style of a security gate. For instance, sliding gates require more space parallel to the perimeter wall and don’t function very well on uneven surfaces. On the other hand, vertical lift gates can work well in places where the horizontal space is limited but there is plenty of vertical space. Like a warehouse entrance. Swing gates require sufficient space for the swinging arc. Consult with a professional security gate installer before settling on a type of gate. 

Perimeter Security

Various products can help boost your perimeter protection. As you weigh your options, consider the following crucial factors :


Is the solution you are considering visible to potential intruders? The sight of a security system often deters many potential intruders. But it has to be aesthetically appropriate and should also effectively protect crucial assets from easy sight. 

Risk Level

Find out more about the nature of crime and crime levels in the area. You could engage with security agencies in the area or consult a reputable security research firm. Also, find out the proximity of first responders in the vicinity and zero in on the specific threats. For example, would an intruder climb over a wall, cut through a fence, or ram walls? Then determine the security level required. Protecting valuable or sensitive assets (like a government, medical research, or military facility) requires a high-level perimeter security solution.

Environmental Conditions

Pick solutions that can withstand various environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, heavy rain, fog, low visibility, or wild animal intrusions. 


The perimeter security solution of choice should be affordable. Some solutions have relatively installation costs but are high on maintenance and upkeep. Before you settle on a perimeter security solution, double-check not just the installation costs but also what’s involved maintenance-wise and the associated costs. 

Think about the future.

The guidelines above will help you pick and install an appropriate security gate and an elaborate perimeter protection solution. But building or property security is dynamic. The threats you face today could be obsolete tomorrow, and new ones will have emerged. Therefore, when considering security gates and perimeter security, think about how you can integrate different technologies to counter emerging and future threats. 

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