The Power of Best-Of-Breed Security Systems

The Power of Best-of -breed Security Systems

At we strongly believe in best-of-breed security systems. We all know it is virtually impossible to fulfill all your technical security requirements by using systems from one vendor. To illustrate the potential value of best-of-breed security architectures, we would like to present you some of our loyal and high-quality vendors here in the online security trade show… The Power of Best-Of-Breed Security Systems

Modern access control from EasySecure

If you are considering access control systems, now might be the time to consider cloud-based access control solutions. And why not consider Dutch access control specialists EasySecure? They have decades of experience in deployment of well-working biometric access control systems. Their own cloud-based access control software is equipped with great modules for visitor management and attendance registration.

Integrating RFID readers and other devices with Cypress

Cypress Integrations Solutions is one of those companies that specializes in those solutions and devices that tie things together. If you are looking to integrate RFID readers, they can tell you all about the power of OSDP as a more secure alternative to good old Wiegand connections. Their OSDP-convertors are used worldwide. They also have wireless RFID hand-held readers that you can use for mustering or other scenarios.

Identifying vehicles using ANPR solutions from Tattile

Vehicles should be an object for security in many situations, Safety and security in industrial estates, corporate sites, university campuses and hospitals often rely on swift and accurate identifciation of vehicles from employees, suppliers or visitors. Italian manufacturer Tattile is a global player when it comes to ANPR solutions. Their ANPR readers are capable to read license plates at relatively high speed and they are even able to classify the vehicle.

Prevent damage from burglary with Fog Armed Security Systems

Besides the well-known industry leading companies, there are also many new entrants with interesting solutions. We invite you to have a look at the solution that Fog Armed Security is bringing to market. Their powerful high-speed fog dispensers prevent burglars to have an eye on the valuable assets in your building. They can’t steal what they can’t see!

Cutting-edge biometrics from TBS

Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) specialize in well-designed and highly accurate biometric solutions that will offer your personnel a great security user experience. Their very popular 3D-Terminal is used worldwide to secure high-end office buildings. But they also offer great solutions for heavy duty environments and even know how to prevent tail-gating.

With these companies alone a great system can be built. And there are many more vendors on, for example:

We invite new vendors to join this initiative!

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