The most versatile electronic locking system for lockers and cabinets by LoQit

The most versatile electronic locking system for lockers and cabinets by LoQit

It is with great pleasure that we can annouce that locker management solution provider LoQit has decided to join the Security Industry Group as a first class vendor. LoQit is a Dutch innovative enterprise that was founded by specialists in locker management solutions. Mechanical locks have long been the dominant solution to manage access to lockers and cabinets. But this has changed rapidly in the past decade. Access control technologies have been applied more and more to better manage large-scale locker installations.

The most versatile electronic locking system for lockers and cabinets by LoQit

LoQit has always been at the forefront of using modern electronic locks and various technologies to identify users. A few years ago to decided to design, develop and release a complete new platform for locker management. The current LoQit locker management platform is built around design criteria like usability (user friendliness), scalability, modularity (flexibility).

The lock

The modern and strong electronic lock is cabled and connected to the server. It can be modular equipped with RFID readers that support all current card technologies. The external LED in the door supports clear user interaction. The strong internal LED light offers great user convenience, even in dark conditions. A USB connection is even available to charge a smartphone while it is stored in the locker. Speaking of smartphones: The LoQit system supports use of smartphones to identify users and provide them with access to the locker.

Advanced user interaction

LoQit terminal

The modern centralized user terminal has a modern appearance and contains cutting-edge technology. It offers great support for advanced communication with the locker users. The screen can provide instructions and useful information. It can be equiped with additional technologies to identify the users of the lockers, like biometric finger print readers. The system is designed to make sure the user is in control. This pinciple of “self-management” greatly reduces the costs and efforts related to management, adminitration and maintenance of the system. And it proves your users with e great sense of ‘being in control’.

A strong back end

The LoQit administrative back end is made availabe based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This cloud based topology brings great benefits to scale up the system easily, connect it to third party systems and greatly reduces the costs of operation. LoQit warrants the right security level by fully exploiting the abilities of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The user information is stored within the Microsoft Azure environment according to the GDPR (AVG) guidelines. The Azure datacenters are ISO 27001/27002 certified (information security) and also comply with SOC1/SOC2 and SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 certification. All data traffic that takes place between the lockers and the Locker Management Software is secured using HTTPS (TLS) encryption.

One of the major functionalities within the LoQit system is paid locker use. Our bank license enables payments through the LoQit app. With the LoQit app, the user can easily link cards to his or her account that can be used as a back-up key to open lockers.

LoQIt excels in a variety of application

The modular approach of LoQit hardware and software and its native support for connectivity with third party systems and technologies have resulted in numerous deployments of the system in a variety of applications:

    LoQit is the perfect solution for modern corporate environments that are based on concepts like hot desking, agile workin, new ways to work and acivity based working.
    Organise cloakrooms and changing rooms efficiently and effectively.
    Flexible storage of belongings of students and staff. Uders select their own locker and release them for use by others when they go home.
    Easy and safe storage of personal belongings while enjoying the spors or leisure facilities.
    Workers and contractors can store personal items whilst on the construction site, increasing the safety on the construction site while securing the personal belongings.

Webinar ‘Trends in the locker market 2021’ July 6th at 11 am (CEST)

The locker market is about to undergo spectacular changes. New developments and trends, such as ‘from possession to use’ and the integration of locker software with access control systems, payment solutions and facility platforms, will require a fresh new perspective on the market for the secure storage of items. LoQit, specialist in electronic locker solutions, will share their view on these developments during this webinar.

Locker Management Webinar by LoQit

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