The most sophisticated access control gate explained

The most sophisticated access control gate explained

Digicon’s dFlow access control gate, distributed in Europe by Geran Access Products, is considered the most sophisticated secured entrance by many in the security industry. It is one of the rare solutions for ‘normally open’ entrances that still provide high security levels. dFlow tracks every individual using an innovative sensing system that monitors the entire passage area. Each individual is linked to an identification technology, like an access card or a biometric identification. If an individual tries to walk into the entrance gate that is not identified or that does not have sufficient access rights, the gate will immediate respond and block access.

Peter Elbling, president of Digicon

Who better can explain the ideas behind dFlow than President of Digicon Peter Elbling? In the following video he explains the tehnical concepts that were used to create dFlow. Al lot of effort was put in creating very accurate overhead sensing in place. Combined with powerful AI based software Digicon was capable to release a very innovative solution to market. Industry representatives that have been around a few years will acknowledge that it is one the most requested concepts in security: create an open, user friendly access control solution that does not compromise on security. Peter explains how Digicon was capable to release a solution for this classic security challenge.

What makes this security entrance such a sophisticated solution is not just the smart combination of cutting-edge hardware and software. Digicon has spent a great deal of effort considering how to best support a wide variety of use cases. One very powerful and clear example of their engineering capability is the support of several user groups and the visualisation in the entrance lane. LED’s clearly show that people are localized with great precision. In addition to this, the colors of the LED lights also match specific user groups. You can see Peter explain in the video below how the concept of user groups and visualisation is used in the dFlow solution.

Much more can be said and learned about the dFlow security entrance. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

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