Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Enagement Terms and General Terms and Conditions (T&C).

Engagement terms

SecIndGroup.com is an initiative from Explicate. A legal entity situated in the Netherlands.

If you choose to use the SecIndGroup.com website we expect that you comply with the following engagement terms:

  • Your current employment status allows you to represent your company and your company agrees to you seeking and offering information on SecIndGroup.com or affiliated websites or media.SecIndGroup.
  • You confirm your agreement to our Privacy Policy which sets our personal information collection and sharing practices.
  • You accept and will comply with our General Terms and Conditions. Explicate has chosen to use the Netherlands ICT Terms & Conditions. See below for details.
  • You confirm that:
    • You will not disclose any confidential information or any non-public information;
    • You have all approvals necessary to consult, including if required, your employer’s approval;
    • You will not discuss any specific information about your employer or any company by which you are engaged;
    • You will keep confidential and not disclose to any party any information that is provided to.you under NDA or is subject to international privacy laws;
    • You will not breach any agreement to which you are party and you will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other obligations.
  • Vendors are allowed to publish a maximum number products on the Security Market Place, depending on your membership plan.
  • Vendors are expected to present information that is adequate and truthful. Deliberate misinforming the audience of SecIndGroup.com may result in vendor and product removal without a refund of paid fees.
  • You commit to behave professionally and constructive. Abuse and misconduct will result in immediate account deletion.
  • Reviews of vendors and products are subject to approval before they are presented on this site. In case of disputes, disagreements or complaints between parties, we kindly suggest to first speak to the other party before presenting grievances on this site.

Explicate and the SecIndGroup.com administration panel reserve the right to remove, edit or alter information on this site if we are of the opinion that information that is presented is not adequate or if we feel it improves the perceived quality of this website.

General Terms & Conditions

All our services, proposals, offers, quotes, proposed contracts and engagements are subject to our General Terms & Conditions. Explicate has decided to use the Netherlands ICT terms and conditions from 2014, which are also applied and accepted by many other reputable businesses in the Netherlands,

Use the links below to download a PDF with the terms and conditions: