Tattile enables digitization of parking enforcement in France with mobile ANPR solution

Tattile enables digitization of parking enforcement in France with mobile ANPR solution

Since the year 2018, the management of parking violations was transferred from the police into the hands of municipalities and private parking enforcement companies. These organisations began to implement digital parking payment verification solutions, using systems such as TePI (Traitement électronique des Plaques d’Immatriculation), which translates into English as “Electronic Processing of Number Plates”. These systems often use license plate recognition devices, like the ANPR cameras from Tattile.

Tattile enables digitization of parking enforcement in France with mobile ANPR solution

The functionality of these systems is as you would expect: Drivers are asked to enter their license plate number when paying the parking fee. They can subsequently choose from three options:

  • Paying with cash or with credit card at a parking meter The meter sends the license plate number and the relevant parking payment information to a parking management server.
  • The second option is to pay through a smart phone app which sends the plate number and other relevant informaytion to the parking management server.
  • Thirdly, drivers can obtain a subscription through a web portal and enter payment details as well as the plate number there.

In all cases the required data is sent to a parking management server which enables mobile parking enforcement with patrol cars that are equipped with Tattile ANPR cameras. The cameras scan all license plates in a designated parking area.  The one-board architecture of the scanning system is built around a mobile PC and 5G + GNSS router, mounted in a customized hardware case inside the vehicle. Connected to the mobile system are the Tattile mobile ANPR cameras.

The entire system is controlled by the driver or automatically depending on the configuration via a dedicated tablet, securely mounted to the dashboard. Monitoring and telemetry are made available through various SaaS platforms updated in real-time allowing for minute-by-minute reporting and providing the observer with a live, evolving map of the state of parking ticket payment in their zone. The license plate data recorded by Tattile cameras is sent to the remote server where it is matched with all registered payments and corresponding license plates. Violations detected by the software lead to the automatic issuing of parking penalty notices.

With the proven reliability of the mobile parking enforcement technology using Tattile license plate reading cameras the main parking operator in France is now active in most of the major cities in mainland France, including the capital. In Paris alone 25 vehicles are under operation, each of them is equipped with four Tattile cameras.

One system feature that is important to enable the further expansion of the system into other regions is the ability of the enforcement solution to interface with all major parking ticket solutions. According to the parking operator the current solution is evolving and the future roadmap includes other enforcement applications, such as the real-time mapping of low-emission” zones within urban areas.

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