Tattile ANPR Part of Advanced vehicle tracking network to Improve security in Turkey

Tattile ANPR Part of Advanced Vehicle Tracking Network to Improve Security in Turkey

Italian ANPR solution provider Tattile, part of the Dutch TKH Group, recently announced that its flagship license plate camera, Tattile VEGA SMART 2HD, has been selected in Turkey to be an important part of an advanced vehicle tracking network that is implemented to safeguard the wellbeing of Turkish citizens.

Tattile ANPR Part of Advanced Vehicle Tracking Network to Improve Security in Turkey

The Turkish government has invested in wide array of technological systems to increase the level of protection of its citizens’ against criminal offenses and unsafe behavior by fellow citizens. The systems that were deployed as part this investment are expected to both prevent incidents from happening, but they should also support quick, decisive and adequate responses from local police forces.

For this purpose, Tattile, together with its experiences, skilled, knowledgeable and trusted local partner, provided an advanced vehicle tracking network all over the country. The sophisticated ANPR cameras of Tattile play a central role in these vehicle tracking networks.

Several hundred VEGAS SMART 2HD ANPR cameras were installed alongside major roads throughout the country. The embedded ANPR engine of the traffic monitoring camera accurately detect and read license plates of all vehicles passing by.

In addtion the on-board AI engine also is utilized to recognize additional vehicle features and characteristics, besides the license plate number. The traffic monitoring cameras are equipped with an embedded BCCM plug-in that allows the local authorities to read the license plate, but also identify the class, brand and color of the vehicle. Public security forces are using the collected data (licence plate and vehicles features) to match it with the information that registered into the provincial police archives. This feature is very useful to detect license plate swapping and license plate fraud, which in itself could be an indication for the need of further investigation and crime prevention.

The combination of traffic monitoring and security surveillance, using edge devices that are capable of highly accurate license plate recognition in combination vehicle classification and that also support high quality video surveillance, has proven to be an important asset in security strategies of national and local governments and police forces. Another great example of this is the installation of over 500 ANPR cameras in Belgiums capital Brussels.

More Tattile ANPR references are available on the Tattile website.

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