Tattile ANPR Integrates With MILESTONE

Tattile ANPR integrates with Milestone

Tattile recently announced the integration of its primary ANPR camera range with Milestone’s video management system (VMS).

SecIndGroup.com Tattile ANPR Integrates With MILESTONE

The Tattile XProtect Integration Plugin (certified by Milestone) allows Tattile Vega cameras to be integrated into Milestone XProtect Smart Client. Tattile cameras, like the Vega Smart or Vega 1 are used in applications related to traffic and mobility. The Tattile Vega Basic is one of the most used ANPR cameras in the security industry.

The Italian manufacturer, part of the Dutch TKH Holding, says the release of these plug-ins enables clients to have their ANPR Cameras seamlessly and automatically communicating with the platforms of major leading video management systems suppliers, like Milestone.

Tattile explains that users can receive and collect all events from its cameras, while also managing previously uploaded number plate lists, for example from violators.

The new plug-ins also allow options on events and diagnostics to be filtered and can be used in conjunction with the Tattile Rigel software for Automated Incident Detection (AID) to manage alarms and notifications triggered by various traffic events.
As well as automatic number plate recognition functions, filters can be set in the VMS on analysing Tattile camera events by date and time, vehicle class, brand, colour and model, as well as plate region, country and plate colour.

Data generated is available in the Milestone VMS “for any possible post-process analysis of the images”, Tattile says. “Video sequences can be reviewed and all recordings are stored.”

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