Tattile ANPR helps keeping Belgium safe and secure

Tattile ANPR helps keeping Belgium safe and secure

As a consequence of the terrorist attacks which shocked Paris and the whole world back in 2015, the Federal Government in Belgium approved an anti-terrorism plan to ensure safety in everyday life for the Belgian population. Among the measures defined one of the most important action to put in place was the installation of an advanced video surveillance system using new and mature technologies for various applications, including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) for use in the road system.

Tattile ANPR helps keeping Belgium safe and secure

The main requirements set by the authorities for such ANPR (ALPR) technology were a robust high reading performance in all weather and light conditions as well as advanced capabilities for vehicle recognition analytics within the system. At the end of the evaluation process the federal police in Belgium chose the smart ANPR camera system Vega Smart 2HD from Tattile for all automatic number plate recognition processes along motorways and cities across the country. Up to now, more than 500 Tattile cameras have been deployed.

In practice, the license plate software of the Vega Smart 2HD traffic surveillance cameras read the license plates of all vehicles that transit the camera positions. These license plate data are matched continuously with the national vehicle database. That Tattile cameras have proven to accurately read the license plates and identify the country of orginin from the license plate.

In addition, the Vega Smart 2HD with it’s additional overview camera and on-board intelligence, also supports recognition of physical vehicle features. The integrated smart vehicle recognition enables classification of vehicles and identifying the brand, color and model, which is of great value in crisis situation. This feature enables triggering and sending alarms in case a specific vehicle passes the camera, even when police forces only have limited information available about the vehicle they are looking for, like the brand and colour. It also is a great feature when fleeing criminals keep the same vehicle but change the license plate to avoid being found by ANPR cameras.

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