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Submit Your Event!

Submit your event to be listed in the event calendar on…

Times are changing. Whether we like it or not: it is clear that the times are changing. The COVID-19 Pandemic has instigated changes to the way we do business and the way we market our solutions. It is hardly possible to organize physical events. Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences were forced to move into the virtual realm. At we believe the pandemic has just strengthened a trend which was already happening: the growing popularity of online events. It is not without reason that since our inception in 2019 we have labeled ourselves as the online security trade show.

Submit your event to be listed in the event calendar on

But of course we also see the value of meeting fellow industry professional personally to liaise and network. That is why we have listed the most important security events in our security event calendar.

Many security vendors have organized their own online events in the previous years. Online webinars and conferences have proven to be a valuable asset in the corporate PR strategy of marketing executives.

We do hope that our lives will return will normal once the pandemic ends. But we do believe that some changes will somehow remain. Online events now have earned their position in the marketing mix. Which in essence means that we will many more options to consume information and learn from physical and virtual events that are organized by vendors and the traditional event organizers.

Since it our mission to bring more transparency to the security industry, we have added the possibility to add your own event to our event calendar. From today everyone is now invited to submit a security event. There is no charge!

We will monitor the calendar and keep our community updated about interesting events that are coming up.

Random posting of events into our largest LinkedIn group (115,000 members) is no longer possible. The amount of events was too large. As an alternative we will regularly post a list of highlighted events into the group. So please make sure to list your major webinars, events, conferences and exhibitions right here on!

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