Strong channel partners wanted!

Strong channel partners wanted!

Explicate provides agency services to some premium and upcoming vendors in our industry. On behalf of these brands we are on the outlook for professional system integrators and, in some cases, distributors that have are well-established in the security industry, that have a strong market position and that are looking to exand their portfolio and engage in a constructive collaboration based on mutual respect and commitment.

Strong channel partners wanted!

Explicate is currently looking for new international channel partners for these companies:

  • Tattile – Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • EL-GO Team – Vehicle barriers and entrances
  • Delightica (Domox) – Integration and visualisation of alarm systems
  • Geran Access – Physical Access Control Products
  • SMP Robotics – Patrolling and Guarding Robots
  • DFSL – Perimeter and Zone Protection using LIDAR

Tattile – ANPR Solutions

Tattile is an Italian manufacturer of solutions for License Plate Recognition (LPR), or in other words Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Tattile is part of the Dutch stock noted holding TKH (Twentse Kabel Holding).

Tattile’s ANPR solution are conforming to the topology of edge devices. Tattile ANPR cameras are used in a variety of applications, like:

  • Police surveillance
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Tolling and Limited Traffic Zones (LTZ)
  • Security
  • Parking

Explicate is representing Tattile in Benelux, Scandinavia and United Kingdom.

The most popular products of Tattile are:

EL-GO Team – Vehicle Access Control

EL-GO Team has offices in the Middle East and USA. EL-GO Team is specialized in phyiscal access control and is specifically specialized in physical access control for vehicles.

EL-GO Team designs and manufactures all products in-house. EL-GO Team is specifically strong in two areas: Some of their products are tested and certified against the most stringent anti-terror security standards (K-ratings). And EL-GO also offers solutions where the possibilities for excavating are limited. These shallow-mount solutions are easier to install, but still offer good levels of protection.

Typical installations are:

  • Airports and seaports
  • Defense sites, like airforce bases
  • Government buildings
  • City centers
  • Industrial sites

Some of the most popular products of EL-GO Team are:

Delightica Domox – Aritech Integration & Visualisation

Delightica is a small Dutch enterprise that is offering a solution to enhance Aritech ATS Advanced and Classic alarm systems. The solution is called Domox. With Domox, Aritech alarm systems are enhanced in two major ways:

  • Aritech alarm systems can connect to KNX home automation systems
  • The Aritech system and the KNX system can be visualized in an app and managed from Apple iPhone or iPad.

The Domox Control App also incorporates video streams from IP surveillance cameras. Alarms, cameras and home devices can now be managed from one app.

Domox is sold and installed by Aritech dealers. Typical installations are:

  • For high-end private homes that are looking for user friendly and modern management of the alarm system and home automation system using an iPad or iPhone.
  • For business that need better visual guidance for people that are using the alarm systems, like receptionists and guards.

The Domox platform is consisting of:

  • The Domox Controller
  • The Domox Portal
  • The Domox Control App

Domox is available in three flavors:

Geran Access Products – Physical Access Control

Geran Access Products is a Dutch specialist in physical access control that offers a complete portfolio of solutions to its quickly expanding client base throughout Europe. Geran specializes in high quality and cost effective solutions to physically manage the access of people to secured zones and perimeters. Geran develops and manufactures its own products, but also secured exclusive distribution agreements for Europe with major international vendors.

Geran Access Products is currently looking for channel patners in many European contracts. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Some of their most popular products are:

SMP Robotics

SMP Robotics supplies robots that can provide guarding and patrolling services. These robots are technologically advanced unmanned surveillance solutions. Face and pattern recognition, obstacle avoidance, infrared capability, and swarm intelligence are just some of the features that could dramatically improve security, public safety, and asset protection.

SMP Robotics robots are highly versatile and customizable to our client’s business needs and requirements.  They make a noticeable impact and deliver a great level of service while been optimized to serve and protect. From Oil, Gas and Energy companies to data centers and large healthcare facilities, robots provide an efficient level of surveillance, monitoring, and safety.

Explicate is representing SMP Robotics in:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Spain

Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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