STid Mobile ID virtual access cards now a convenient reality in Nedap AEOS

STid Mobile ID virtual access cards now a convenient reality in Nedap AEOS

The renewed and tightened integration enables AEOS users to fully enjoy the benefits of STid Mobile ID virtual access cards on smartphones without the need for additional administrative efforts.

Virtual cards, used on mobile devices, bring a range of benefits for physical access control – from increased user convenience and logistical efficiency to improved security. Some organisations fear that managing virtual access cards will require the use of yet another management interface, in addition to the existing access control system. The recently accomplished integration of Nedap AEOS and STid Mobile ID is proof of the fact that this fear is unnecessary. STid Mobile ID virtual cards can be created and issued from the AEOS access control user interface and issued with just one click.

STid Mobile ID virtual access cards now a convenient reality in Nedap AEOS

This renewed integration has already been deployed for a major organisation in the Netherlands and, looking at the number of current inquiries about the combination of access control systems and virtual access card solutions, both companies expect a steep increase of adoption rates in the existing and potential client base of access control vendors.

Fast implementation and distribution of virtual access cards

All current AEOS channel partners can have STid Mobile ID integration up and running in minutes. And, once installed, creating, and issuing a STid Mobile ID virtual access cards in AEOS is as easy as creating and allocating a physical access badge in the access control system. There is no need to manage virtual cards separately from the STid Mobile ID Portal, and the virtual cards can be issued quickly via an automated email.

Flexible, intuitive ways to gain entry

Once an employee, contractor or visitor has activated a virtual access card on their mobile device, moving around secured sites is a piece of cake. There’s no longer need to fumble in your pockets to find and access badge or carry it around your neck. STid Mobile ID is offering an instinctive identification experience, which significantly improves the acceptance of access control system deployments in organisations. STid Mobile ID supports 6 user modes when presenting STid virtual cards to readers.

You can, for example:

  • Present your phone to the reader (badge mode)
  • Slide your hand across the reader while carrying your phone (slide mode)
  • Tap your phone twice while passing a reader (tap tap mode)
  • Click your mobile device while passing a reader (remote mode)
  • Pass in front of the reader with no additional action (handsfree mode)
  • Ask Siri to open the door (voice command mode)

Increased security

The more personal user-centric approach of STid Mobile ID helps to support and enforce security policies and eliminates the need to deploy temporary physical access badges and the security risks related to them. The system architecture of both Nedap AEOS and STid Mobile ID are based on end-to-end security concepts and modern encryption standards. The entire solution, consisting of high-end security systems of two major security industry
vendors, can run exclusively on your own private network if you prefer, which may comply with your corporate regulations and requirements to uphold and increase corporate security levels.

Making the most of mobile devices

Maikel Coenen, technology partner manager at Nedap says: “The mobile phone now plays an indispensable role in our personal and professional lives. There’s a strong chance you will occasionally lose or forget your access badge. It is much less likely that you will allow yourself not to bring your mobile phone, because you will need it frequently throughout the working day. Virtual access cards offer great benefits for organisations and the staff using them. And, by tightly integrating STid Mobile ID, we’ve created a flexible, efficient way for AEOS clients to empower their employees, contractors and visitors to access secured zones and perimeters using their mobile device.”

Fully tested and supported

Based on the standard and documented API’s of Nedap AEOS and STid Mobile ID, this robust integration has been rigorously tested by both Nedap and STid to ensure a seamless experience for both administrators and users. The integration was accomplished with full supported from both companies.

Jean Davoust, product manager at STid Mobile ID says: “STid and Nedap collaborated to integrate our technology with AEOS because its open architecture makes it specifically suitable for really smooth, reliable integrations. There’s a strong demand for what we offer in conjunction with AEOS, so ait STid we feel it makes a great deal of sense to work together. The off-the-shelf integration with Nedap AEOS has resulted in yet another powerful combination of high levels of physical security with intuitive user interaction, which we think will be very popular. We really appreciated collaborating with Nedap’s Technology Partner Programme team.”

Source: STid

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