STid Mobile ID®, contactless access control without any compromise on security

STid Mobile ID®, contactless access control without any compromise on security

Current developments and health measures in society have greatly increased the demand for solutions for contactless access control. The challenge with deploying solutions for hands-free or contactless identification of people, is to offer a great and safe user experience without affecting the corporate security level. Vincent Dupart, CEO of STid, explains how STid ensures that contactless access control in high-security environments is possible. STid Mobile ID®, contactless access control without any compromise on security

First of all, what is STid Mobile ID® exactly?

Vincent Dupart: STid Mobile ID simplifies managing and issuing cards by using virtual cards on smartphones, whether or not in combination with conventional cards. Instead of presenting a physical badge to the access control system, users can now present their mobile credential to the reader. Just bring your phone and you will get access to buildings, rooms, sites and other secured zones that you have been authorized to access. These virtual cards can easily be issued, revoked and managed from STid Mobile ID Portal in just 1 click, which greatly reduces the operational costs and efforts, but also the chances of criminals abusing stolen or lost access cards.

How does STid Mobile ID® support contactless access control?

Vincent Dupart: The smartphone, when simply switched on, even during phone calls, becomes an identifier that supports 6 unique user interaction modes for instinctive contactless identification, like tapping the phone, pressing a button for remote access or simply walking towards the reader. When using Bluetooth Low Energy, convenient longer read ranges are possible. All communication between portal, app and reader is securely encrypted. And another unique feature of STid Mobile ID® is that it allows configuration of the access control reader to demand from the user that the smartphone first must be unlocked with facial recognition or the fingerprint.

Example: If you are using a smartphone with facial recognition, the reader will, in addition to reading the virtual access card, also tell the phone to read the biometrics of your face. Strong authentication of the user identity with biometrics, without having to store biometric templates on a server and face privacy and GDPR challenges.

Are personal data and privacy safeguarded with STid Mobile ID®?

Vincent Dupart: The STid Mobile ID® platform, including the readers, never store personal information when it can be avoided. Data encryption and authentication methods are used that supports secure data storage and data communication in accordance with the recommendations of the French national information system security agency (ANSSI) and the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

We fully embrace the paradigms of “data protection by design” and “security by design”. STid supports end-to-end security throughout the application infrastructure. The communication protocol SSCP® guarantees the protection and confidentiality of data. Clients are in full control of their application and their security keys. They have exclusive access to their account, access by anyone else, including STid, is made technically impossible.

And if you want to be absolutely sure that no corporate or personnel data is used outside of your perimeters, we even support the on-premise installation of the STid Mobile ID® portal. This will keep all data solely within your organization. STid Mobile ID® facilitates a great user experience, but you are always in full control of your security policies.

Any additional thoughts you would like to share?

Vincent Dupart: We live in challenging times. Many day-to-day things that we have considered normal or “best practices” are currently challenged: Vehicles are becoming electric and are often shared. Virtual business meetings using ZOOM or TEAMS are now widely accepted. And things are also changing in security. This is the time to challenge the old paradigms of access control. This may be time to replace conventional access badges with mobile credentials. Not because it is a nice technology gadget, but because by now the solution has proven itself in real-life applications: it saves operational costs, enables a safe and user-friendly contactless experience and it increases the overall security level of your access control system.

At STid, we develop technology to make the everyday life of people easier while safeguarding their security and protecting their personal data.

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