SMP Robotics: Robots lead the way into the future!

SMP Robotics: Robots lead the way into the future!

The security industry currently is buzzing with innovation and renewed perspectives. One area to watch is the field of robotics. We had the pleasure to speak to Tal Turner, the VP of Business Development of SMP Robotics. Tal joined the company in the middle of 2020 to move forward with deploying efforts on building and expanding the company’s global sales and distribution presence in the USA. The team of SMP Robotics brings years of experience, research, and development in creating the next generation of fully autonomous, self-driving security surveillance solutions. We are glad Tal was willing to share his views on developments this industry category...

Tal Turner, VP of Business Development at SMP Robotics

Robotics is a security industry category that may still appear a little futuristic. Is the technology still in an early adoption phase, or have we passed that stage?

SMP Robotics has definitely passed the phase of being an early adaptor. 2021 has started with a lot of positive development and potentials. We see tremendous opportunities of interest throughout the world with substantial potential to grow in the next couple of years.

What would be typical applications where SMP Robotics solutions are used? Do these applications mostly revolve around guarding and surveillance?

SMP Robotics robots are highly versatile and customizable to our client’s business needs and requirements.  They make a noticeable impact and deliver a great level of service while been optimized to serve and protect. From Oil, Gas and Energy companies to data centers and large healthcare facilities, robots provide an efficient level of surveillance, monitoring, and safety.

What would be the advantage of using robots when compared to professional human security guards? Are there also disadvantages?

Fortunately, there are only advantages of having a surveillance robot patrolling or servicing a client. Acquiring vast knowledge, research, and years of experience, SMP Robotics developed a solution that is AI-powered, reliable, cost-effective, weather-resistant, eco-friendly, and fully autonomous. Nevertheless, we can and want to pass those gains to the end client to improve a level of security, become more technologically advanced, improve daily operation and save on overhead.

SMP Robotics

Some might say that your robotic solutions basically are autonomously moving video surveillance devices with communication capabilities. Would that be a fair description?

Our robots are not just mobile cameras on wheels. These are technologically advanced unmanned surveillance solutions. Face and pattern recognition, obstacle avoidance, infrared capability, and swarm intelligence are just some of the features that could dramatically improve security, public safety, and asset protection. 

Could you tell us a bit about the investment needed? What pricing models are available?

Currently, we offer several pricing options where most of the models built to meet our client’s requirements and expectations. There are direct purchase and lease options available. Most of the time, the robot will be paid off in 5-7 months comparing with an average salary of employing a security guard – to give an idea about a single unit price. That gives a great financial advantage of employing a security robot comparing to a human security guard. 

Are there pitfalls to watch out for when starting to use robotics in security guarding?

Once a security robot is deployed to a client, it will be absolutely customized to meet not only business needs but local laws and regulations.

The development never stops. We keep innovating and improving constantly. In addition, our technology R&D unit is aiming to have a rover suitable for moon exploration.

Are your solutions available worldwide?

Yes, we are a global company serving clients from all around the world.

Robots lead the way into the future! This is an incredible opportunity to come on board and become our distributor. The timing couldn’t have been better! Take advantage while you can!

Check our website for more information about our robotic solutions.

Thank you Tal. Good luck with your business!

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