Smile, you’re on camera!

Smile, you’re on camera!

Security On Screen and the Security Industry Group put you in the spotlights and enable you to deliver the message related to your security solution to a relevant audience in our industry.

Security On Screen and the Security Industry Group put you in the spotlights and enable you to deliver the message related to your security solution to a relevant audience in our industry.

We have announced the partnership of Security On Screen with the Security Industry Group before. And ever since we have been working on finetuning the way we can best support your marketing and evangelising activities.

The traditional marketing approach

In our networks we have reached out to many marketeers from established and upcoming brands in our industry. And its seems that most marketing activities in our industry are now related to two major online PR-opportunities:

  • Investment in appearance of brands and solutions in articles and banners in online magazines and flip-books.
  • Investment in building vendor-centric communities and communication with that community.

Listening to experienced marketeers we noticed a few major potential improvements and challenges in marketing campaigns.

Video is the new messaging format

We see it in the world around us: Video is the most popular way to deliver content nowadays. This and upcoming generations are used to bite-sized pieces of content with high quality video and audio.

In many industries marketeers have picked up on this idead and have released streams of video content to their audience. In the security industry we now see more and more vendors picking up on this idea.

Security On Screen is a new marketing platform that is centered around rich and relevant video content for the security industry. We have our own studio with professional video and sound engineers at your disposal.

An engagement dashboard to stay in control

Investing in presence in (online) magazines, flip-books and similar concepts still represents a major chunk of marketing spend for many vendors.

But ask yourself: How many magazines do you still really read cover to cover? Or in how many cases do you read a signifcant portion of the content?

Publishers often will tell you the total reach of their magazine. Do they also share engagement numbers for your article, advert or banner? Do you know what the return on your marketing investment is?

Running a campaign on Security On Screen means that you have access to the basis SOS dashboard or a complete Google Dashboard and that you will see the actual results from you efforts.

A targeted approach

Security On Screed and do no believe in singular marketing efforts that are not part of a campaign. We also do not believe in just putting content online and hoping that people may find you.

It is our objective to support you in telling your story. In multiple bite-sized pieces of video content. Delivered to exactly the right people using LinkedIn Campaigns.

Helping you in constructing your message, enabling you to deliver it in video-format and aiming for the right audience will make a big difference.

Vendor neutrality

Some vendors have invested in creating, expanding and managing their own community online. Which is a great way of staying in touch with your prospects, customers and partners.

Keep in mind though that your new clients might actually be found outside your exisiting network. And delivering your message on vendor-neutral platforms will actually strengthen your message., and our social media channels are at your disposal to help deliver your story to potential buyers outside of your own ‘bubble’.

Monthly Campaigns

Starting a “Security On Screen”-campaign is easy. The collaboration is shaped in monthly campaigns. Many clients are looking at effective three-month-campaigns, but you can also opt for a single month campaign:

  • Assistance in defining the story
  • Recording, editing and delivering four pieces of video content using a professional studio, run by professional engineers and editors.
  • Setting up and executing a LinkedIn campaign
  • Delivery of content of and
  • Content is included in news letters to almost 50,000 industry professionals
  • Your own dashboard

An annual membership to (value 499 Euro) is included in a monthly campaign.

Interesting in giving it a try? Contact us!

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