Should I continue with Wiegand or should I go to OSDP?

Should I continue with Wiegand or should I go to OSDP?

Despite the wealth of information that is available online about OSDP and its benefits, many security installers and many system integrators still ask themselves this question when preparing the installation of a security system for their client: “Should I continue with Wiegand or should I go to OSDP?”

Should I continue with Wiegand or should I go to OSDP?

Paul Ahern is CEO of Cypress Integration Solutions, a company that specializes in establishing compatibility and interfacing between security systems. Cypress has been providing unique and secure communication solutions for physical and logical access control since 1983. Paul has seen the rise and fall of new technological concepts and ideas. He is a strong supporter of OSDP. The “Open Supervised Device Protocol” (OSDP) is an access control communication standard developed by the Security Industry Association (SIA) to improve interoperability among access control and security products. 

In the video below Paul explains us brief and comprehensive why he strongly believes that OSDP is the best way forward for security manufacturers, integrators and installers when connecting readers, controllers and a variety of other devices and systems when implementing a security solution.

Wiegand is a cabling and interfacing standard that has been used in our industry for decades. It is quicks and easy to set up and it has served its purpose in hundreds of thousands of security systems worldwide. Some installers argue that their clients may not have the budget available to move towards OSDP. But Cypress and many other are very clear about the value proposition of OSDP: “Why spend time and money installing an access control system and improve the security for your client, only to introduce a vulnerability at the connection?”

Cypress has demonstrated at many events how easy it is to hack into modern access control systems that use legacy Wiegand connections.

SIA OSDP v2.2, which is based on the IEC 60839-11-5 standard, was released in December 2020. OSDP is much more than just a protocol to connect a card reader to a controller. OSDP can be used to connect all kinds of devices and properly manage the IO of these devices. OSDP supports AES-128 Encryption, bi-directional communication, continuous monitoring and also connects biometric devices. An industry standard that improves interoperability and security. No wonder OSDP is embraced by more and more manufacturers and integrators.

To physically connect devices using OSDP, the right cabling must be used. Paige Datacom Solutions specializes in cabling solutions for all kinds or systems. The datacom specialists at Paige Datacom Solutions describe themselves as “wire geeks” and they have come up with the best OSDP Access Control Cables.

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