Security Jobs – Introduction

Security Jobs – Introduction

Welcome to the Security Jobs section on Since the start of this website we have been approached by many members who were looking for a job. And also recruiters approached us requesting to publish their vacancies on the site. So, despite all sites, agencies and tools that are already available, there apparently still appears to be a need for a tool that helps recruiting companies and job seekers to find each other. That is why we decided to add the Security Jobs section to!

Security Jobs

Our approach is a little different from most generic career websites:

  • We specialize in security and security alone. Job vacancies should be related to security professions or companies that operate in the security industry.
  • Both job seekers and recruiters can actively participate in the jobs section. There is no cost for job seekers. And a small fee for recruiters. They can communicate using the facilities of the site, or they can do it alternatively using other media or sites.
  • We will populate the system with feeds from several global job-sites and will filter for relevant jobs, companies and locations. We expect that in the course of upcoming weeks you will see the number of positions grow. But all jobs will be related to security.
  • Job seekers can specify themselves whether they are actively looking for a job or just have a potential interest in positive career enhancements. And they can keep their resume on the site for recruiters to review them.

Benefits for candidates and job seekers

We see that among our members, many are looking for a new job. In order to support you in finding a job, we invite you to submit your resume. You will be asked to choose a package in the first step. The option ‘Your resume on‘ is free of charge. The option ‘Your featured resume on‘ will make your resume stand out from the crowd. There is a small fee attached.

Find your next job on

After you submit your resume, you can use it to apply for jobs. You can manage your resume and applications at your own Candidate Dashboard. We wish you all the best in finding your job!

Benefits for recruiters

Recruiters can easily submit a vacancy using that option in the Security Jobs menu. Two packages are available in the first step. The Standard Recruitment Package will allow you to post 50 jobs on This will also enable you to browse resumes and receive applications from candidates. Your vacancies will be ‘featured’ and easily distinguished from vacancies that come from feeds.

The ‘Elite Recruitment Package‘ will alllow you to post 250 vacancies. Your vacancies will be featured and we will highlight selected vacancies in our monthly security vacancy report.

Both packages allow you to use your own Recruiter Dashboard to manage your vacancies and applications by candidates.

Since we have just started this feature on we have special deals available for recruiters. Just contact us!