Securing Underground Parkways With Shallow Mount System by EL-GO Team

Securing Underground Parkways With Shallow Mount System by EL-GO Team

EL-GO Team introduces METIS as a solution for securing underground parkway of a government facility

As incidences of terrorism and drunk driving continue to increase around the world, the need to safeguard sensitive locations such as government buildings, airports, malls, and army bases has become imperative. And in the quest to address this issue, many companies are investing time and resources to design and develop technologically advanced solutions that can prevent deaths associated with these vices.

Securing Underground Parkways With Shallow Mount System by EL-GO Team

EL-GO Team, a highly reputable company that provides robust and advanced security barriers, leads the pack when it comes to designing, developing and installing these safety products.  And since different locations call for a unique approach, this article presents a case study where we introduced our electronically sliding board, METIS, in an underground parkway of a government facility.


Since this project was in a sensitive government building, we needed to figure out how we could present the most appropriate solution while minimizing disturbances and alteration of the aesthetics in the existing environment. And because the underground parkway was what we needed to secure, we experienced one major problem. We couldn’t dig into the ground. This meant that the traditional solution of using automatic retractable bollards was not an option. So, we decided to install our new IWA-14 certified sliding bollard system.

About the IWA-14 Certified Sliding Bollard System

Also known as METIS, the IWA-14 Certified Sliding Bollard System is an innovative security product that complements our range of automatic crash rated bollards by offering robust physical security, simple surface mount installation, and automatic bollard operation. The system comes with a plate that is mounted with 2 static bollards on both ends, and 2 sliding bollards in the middle. The central bollards slide automatically leaving a lane of 4 meters. It also boasts built-in photo sensors and LED lights for additional safety.

In this project, the sliding bollard system was laid on the ground, anchored to the concrete foundation, and a sturdy ramp was fitted to and from the system to ensure that vehicles drove over it smoothly. This security product features a design that not only meets the highest security ASTM and PAS 68 standards but also offers enhanced security and reduces the number of visible moving parts. This makes it a perfect barrier for locations where there is constant pedestrian access. The sliding bollard system also features a manual operation which comes in handy when there is a power outage.

Outstanding Features

  • Boasts a unique patented design
  • Eco-friendly as it doesn’t have air compressors, oil leaks and more.
  • Simple installation as no excavation is needed
  • Built in a drive unit and control board
  • Magnificent looking high visibility LED lights and photo sensors for additional security
  • Spectacular design that reduces visible moving parts and prevents ingress of debris or dirt
  • It is maintenance-free.

Final Verdict,

As the world looks to secure and improve security in underground paths, driveways, and airports, the need for innovative and technologically advanced solutions is imminent. While the market is flooded with a myriad of security solutions, only a few products such as those from EL GO TEAM are reliable.  With the help of our skilled and rigorously trained experts, as well as the cutting-edge technology, the EL GO TEAM provides a broad range of highly advanced and reliable products such as METIS to help secure army bases, airports, and government buildings among many others.  

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