media partner of Dutch “National Security Event” media partner of Dutch “National Security Event”

The ‘NSE’ is an acronym for ‘het Nederlands Security Evenement’, the Dutch Security Event. This event was organized annually until a few years ago. The idea behind this trade show always was ‘for the industry, by the industry’, aiming to be a real networking event at national level for the Dutch security industry. Next year, after a few years with several alternative initiatives, the show will be organized again. The show will be organized in Expo Houten April 8th and 9th 2020. presents at Dutch NSE Meeting presents at Dutch “Team NSE Meeting” in Houten

The team behind the show, Team NSE, assembled for an informal event. Maarten Mijwaart of was invited to explain the ideas behind the Security Industry Group and During the gathering it was also announced that will be an official media partner for the exhibition and conference. supports the idea to re-install a national security event in the Netherlands that focuses on networking and content and is limited in scale and affordable for all relevant industry parties. We invite Dutch member of the Security Industry Group to join us in supporting this initiative.

More information about the NSE (in Dutch):

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