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Today Explicate, owner of the portal for the Security Industry Group unveils some of the plans for the remainder of 2019. The online home of the Security Industry Group was initially released early March of this year. We are now three months underway and are proud of the accomplishments so far. “We have released news items, informational videos, category specials on and in our LinkedIn groups. And of course we have welcomed the first vendors that are presenting their products on We are very grateful to these first launching vendors to show their support very early after the launch of our new portal.”, says Maarten Mijwaart, owner of the LinkedIn Security Industry Group and initiator of

“But we are just getting started. Full of ideas and energy we will add new functionality to the online security trade show where security systems and educational information are presented side-by-side. Many have asked us to add a jobs section. So that is what will be high on our priority list. But we also have some additional ideas about how to increase the value of our site to security managers, vendors and other security professionals. And of course we will continue to expand the content of the site with more articles,videos and insightful information about the practical use security technology. And in addition there will be a new monthly mailing, strictly revolving around generic but practical knowledge at the interface of security management and technology.” future plans future plans

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