Digest 4 – October 2019

Periodic Digest Periodic Digest 4 – October 2019

October has been a very productive month here at A lot of new content was added to the site. So without further delay we would like to share with you the highlights of the month as found on and in our Security Industry Group community on LinkedIn


The most read article this month was “Cyber research on the dark web: An interview with Cynthia Hetherington“. But also the interview with Sean A. Ahrens about how he uses red teaming to expose physical security vulnerabilities was very wel received. We also received a lot of positive feedback about our post “Top ten things to look for in enterprise access control“. The contribution from Hitachi about their new hand gesture biometric technology was very interesting. And of course there was some exclusive content shared by ISJ, including their article about Making Pelco great again. We also made acquaintance with Pete Jones of Third Millennium. And we concluded our report about GSX 2019 with a third episode.

Trade Show

The online security trade show was expanded with new vendors: Hayward Turnstiles is showing some of their great barriers. Shoghi offers great cyber intelligence and satellitle monitoring solutions. Dynamic Defense Solutions specialize in armored cars of all sorts. But also make sure to check out the solutions of Protecttor, Fog Armed, TereoTech and the security services of PACWEST.
Are you interested in exhibiting at the online trade show, then please look at our memberhip plans and the special promotional package that we are currently offering.


In the Video Section you can find our view on the great value that combining ANPR with video analytics could bring to the industry. It is great to see what devices like the Tattile Vega Smart ANPR Camera can do. Eplicate introduced its marketing model to the world and explained how it can help our members in a video.
All our videos can be found on the site, but also on our
Youtube Channel.
Stay tuned for more videos. If you have topics you would like us to cover or questions you would like answered, please let us know.


We keep investing in expansion of content and functionality of our platform. Did you see the latest research about IP Video Surveillance and VSaaS
The Security Jobs Section is updated with new security vacancies every day. 
The page with Security News Feeds is always showing the latest content from major news sources. The Security Glossary is updated again.
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As you can see we have continued to work hard on the features and content of And that is exactly what we will continue to do in the time ahead of us. Feel free to contact us with any ideas, questions or remarks you may have.

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