SALTO Neo Convenient & Secure Mobile Key Technology Inside

SALTO Neo Convenient & Secure Mobile Key Technology Inside

Open smarter with mobile key and SALTO Neo Cylinder technology

Salto Systems recently released the Salto Neo Cylinder; an innovative electronic cylinder with impressive features. The Salto Neo Cylinder can be installed on standard doors, server cabinets, lockers, sliding doors and more.

SALTO Neo Convenient & Secure Mobile Key Technology Inside

SALTO JustIN Mobile technology is onboard every SALTO Neo cylinder. This gives users and system administrators the capability to send or receive a mobile key to open any door or gate with an installed SALTO Neo Cylinder with their iOS or Android Bluetooth or NFC-enabled smartphone.

Mobile access control solutions provide users with a keyless experience they value because it gives them instant and remote accessibility without sacrificing security or comfort. Using smart keys and mobile technology with the SALTO Neo Cylinder allows users to manage access rights – quickly and keylessly – which is more secure than using mechanical keys. There is also additional value in the flexibility, convenience, and operational efficiency by enabling distributed security wirelessly in any type of building and technology application.

This adds incredible convenience and efficiency for end users in the field which is where a SALTO Neo Cylinder would most likely be used. JustIN mobile app capability and mobile keys are available for both the on-prem system SALTO SPACE – Data-on-Card -, as well as the SALTO KS – Keys as a Service – cloud-based access control platform.

Adding JustIN mobile functionality to an electronic cylinder means adding more features that can be conducted over the phone network, like: updating credentials; blacklist transmission; automatic audit trail collection; and automatic battery status collection.

Technologically cutting-edge, SALTO’s Mobile Key technology means the end of lost key hassles, expense, and waste:

Digital Key: Increase flexibility and improve security. Easy, efficient, and intuitive automated key delivery.

BLE & NFC: Proven mobile and secure technology to create unique keyless experience anytime, from anywhere, and on any device.

Smarter access: Send or receive a mobile digital key to open any door. Issue, cancel, and restrict keys to specific times and locations.

Keyless access:  Users can easily unlock a secure door directly from the app on your phone. With a fully digital experience, create a seamless digital user, staff and visitor experience through advanced SALTO mobile technology, giving them germ-free, safe and hygienic access.

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