Safeture: Unify Employee Communication, Information and Location in one Platform

Safeture: Unify Employee Communication, Information and Location in one Platform

It is with great pleasure that we can welcome Safeture as first class member of the Security Industry Group and Safeture provides one platform, one app, that will make a big difference safeguarding your employees and fulfilling your Duty of Care requirements, especially at moments that matter.

Safeture employee safety platform

Open up for business after COVID-19

Safeture recently showcased its capabilities and commitment to employee safety by releasing its website to provide people with free access to accurate and real-time information on virus restrictions so they can plan their next business or family trip. This is the first interactive mapping tool to help viewers see which Covid-19 restrictions apply to specific countries and is available to embed on other sites free of charge.

A nice additional gesture is that Safeture allows third party websites to embed the map on their website (see below for an example). The embed code can be requested at

Employee safety management

Every day over 3,000 companies streamline their employee safety management with Safeture. The platform takes care of all your risk and crisis management needs.

In this age of digitization many employees travel the world on a daily basis. Each employee represents great value, not only because of the people they are or the work they do, but also because of their unique knowledge and expertise.

Do you know where your co-workers are right now? Do you know they are safe? Can you contact them easily? Do you have the right information to respond quickly when needed? Are you aware of your legal requirements when people are working out of the office?

Safeture helps to keep your employees safe and to secure your Duty of Care compliance.

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