Safeture strengthens the sales organization

Safeture strengthens the sales organization

The employee safety company, Safeture AB, continues to expand its operations rapidly. The recruitment of Filip Bengtsson and James Tomlin is part of Safeture’s focus on increasing sales and strengthened the sales organization in the global market.

Filip Bengtsson and James Tomlin joined Safeture
Filip Bengtsson and James Tomlin joined Safeture

Safeture is an international SaaS company offering a complete cloud-based platform designed to manage employee safety and risk/crisis management. Safeture helps more than 3 000 large companies and organizations protect what matters most – their employees. Safeture is an indispensable tool for companies to handle important localization, information, and communication.

Filip Bengtsson, Regional Sales Manager (Lund HQ), is an expert in providing cloud-based services mitigating risks to both the private and public sectors. With a recent background as the Head of Sales at the fast-growing SaaS-company Inyett AB, a part of Visma Group, he has a broad range of commercial skills, including sales, account management, marketing, business development, and operations.

James Tomlin, Sales Manager, based in London, has a background in business development within global mobility and travel. For more than 13 years, he has been advising HR leaders on global workforces, specializing in the last three years, building partnerships with several leading consultancies and big four advisories. In this time, James has predominantly focused on supporting the world’s largest enterprises.

“By hiring these two highly qualified employees, we are making an important investment in developing Safeture. The result will be more business with both existing customers and brand-new customer groups,” said Magnus Hultman, CEO at Safeture.

Feel free to reach out to Magnus Hultman or any of the new employees to hear more about Safeture.

Safeture CEO Magnus Hultman:
+46 706 00 81 66

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