Robotics in Security: The Future is Now!

Robotics in Security: The Future is Now!

SMP Robotics joins the Security Industry Group and is actively looking for channel partners in Europe

A short while ago we had the opportunity to speak to Tal Turner from SMP Robotics about the current trends and developments related to the use of robots in security. We are thrilled to announce that SMP Robotics has joined the Security Industry Group and will participate in the online security trade show.

SMP Robotics joins the Security Industry Group and is actively looking for channel partners in Europe

SMP Robotics was founded in 2010. The company’s goal was to define the development of autonomous mobile robots as a separate industry. SMP Robotics key engineering staff was composed of specialists from the R&D division of the parent company, SMP. SMP is a company with a 30-year history. It specializes in the production of RF and CCTV equipment. In 2019, the S5.2 series security robots developed by SMP Robotics were put into production on a commercial scale. That same year, development work on OEM components for inspection robots based on the S5.2 series was successfully completed. The company’s customers are global business leaders in the energy sector.

Currently, more than 40 engineers work in the company’s R&D department. The same number of specialists work in the commercial department, installation supervision, and technical support departments. The robots are manufactured at the parent company’s manufacturing facility. Company divisions are located in three countries. The security and inspection robots produced by the company are operated in 12 countries around the world. SMP Robotics is investing significantly in remaining market leading in the security robotics category. Proof of the company’s ambition is the ongoing efforts to release a lunar robot.

The robots that provide security services as we speak

The topic may seem futuristic, but SMP Robotics has moved passed the early innovation phase and has released various models of security robots that successfully are deployed in various real-life applications. Currently the following SMP Robots are on display in the online security trade show:

S5.2 Security Patrol Robot
S5 series security robots are designed to replace patrolling security guards and to provide mobile CCTV monitoring. A security robot moves around a restricted area automatically, without direct operator supervision. Images from its built-in cameras are transmitted to the security station. If a stationary security sensor is triggered, the robot changes its route and moves to the location of the possible alert.

S5.2 PTZ IS Picard AI Surveillance Robot
Robot Picard is an ideal solution for the robotic security of private property and surveillance of areas. The Picard robot allows performing remote video surveillance using an intelligent PTZ camera over medium distances, from either a stationary position or while in motion, and using six 360-degree panoramic cameras.

S3.2 Electrical Substation Inspection Robot
The new model of a robot for inspection of electrical equipment is equipped with a dual PTZ camera consisting of a thermal measuring camera and a high-resolution optical range camera. The S3.2 robot is able to automatically move along a pre-programmed route, stop near electrical and other equipment subject to thermography, and aim a PTZ camera on it.

S6.2 Gas Detector – Air quality monitoring robot
The S5 G robot is designed to measure gas content in the air at industrial facilities. A cradle used to attach a portable multi-gas detector is installed on the robot mast. The location of the measurement device, along with its mounting design, allows easy detachment of the device to easily read its data display. However, the primary way to transmit the readings on gas content is remotely via a wireless data link.

No trespassing, area patrolled by security robots

Channel partners wanted!

SMP Robotics is currently looking to expand it’s commercial and support channels in various countries. In Europe there are currently opportunities for distributors and integrators in the following countries:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Spain

There are also vacant channel spaces in other regions. SMP Robotics is represented by it’s agent Explicate in these listed countries. Please contact Maarten Mijwaart from Explicate if you are interested in distribution and sales of SMP Robotics products.

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