Periodic Digest 6 – July 2020

Periodic Digest

Periodic Digest 6 – July 2020

From time to time we will provide you with an overview of highlights of products, news and other features that were shared on The last one was in December of 2019. Our community continues to grow on LinkedIn (the main group now exceeds 110,000 members!). and lots of news and information was released. So it is time for an update!


We looked at the major vendors in the industry category of long range RFID for vehicle identification. And we reviewed which vendors are currently dominating the category of video management software (VMS). We have update our security events calendar with several online events. We looked at the potential of LIDAR sensors in perimeter protection. And we noticed the potential of best-of-breed security solutions. The online home of the Security Industry Group keeps getting better. And of course we are still looking for new vendors to join as a member.


COVID-19 enormously impacted our industry. Nevertheless there was much news to share. It was for example great to see that OSDP got approved by IEC as an International Standard. Tattile has announced that their ANPR cameras now seamlessly integrate with Milestone XProtect Smart Client. And Security & Safety Things has announced the commercial availability of cameras that support their app-based topology. Gallagher and Bosch Building Technologies have strengthened their management teams. And many vendors like Hikvision, HID Global and Vanderbilt have announced new products. FaceMe event introduced Facial Recognition with Face Mask Detection.

Trade Show

Luckily we have welcomed some great new “First Class Vendors” in the online security trade show. We are currently running a great promotion for new vendors! Join companies like Safeture (did you see the tool they released to understand the COVID-19 situation in the world?). New vendor EasySecure specializes in cloud based security systems. Start-up company Fog Armed helps protect against burglary with smart smoke generators. High-tech company DFSL use LIDAR to detect intruders without false alarms and extreme accuracy. Idesco has great long range readers. Check out our vendors in the online security trade show. Or simply look at our list of current vendors on


Please don’t forget that also has some very informative videos, like videos about ANPR technology, security convergence, copying access control cards, vehicle identification technologies and an introduction to UHF. But we also host other content about security technology, like our market research and security glossary.

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As you can see, we have worked hard to expand the site with new information and new functionality. Stay tuned for more updates and the latest news about security technology!