Perimeter and Area Protection with LIDAR Scanners By DFSL

Perimeter and Area Protection with LIDAR Scanners by DFSL

We welcome our newest vendor on, the online home of the Security Industry Group: DFSL, an acronym for Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd. DFSL specializes in solutions for area protection using LIDAR Technology. A fascinating new application of this technology, which has already proven itself in various high-end security and defense projects.

Detecting intruders wilt LIDAR from DFSL

Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd (DFSL) developed a unique proprietary LIDAR “Time of Flight” technology. LIDAR is an acronym for LIght Detection and Ranging. LIDAR devices send out pulses of laser light at a surface and measure the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back. DFSL was the first in the industry to use LIDAR for security applications. DFSL offers a wide range of security products.

Typical LIDAR applications and related examples of DFSL products are:

  • Area protection
    Detect human or mechanical (walking, running, crawling, swimming) intruders in a circular area of up to a maximum diameter of 700 meters. Used in highly sensitive areas.
    Example: DFSL ALS 300
  • Virtual fencing
    Laser fence sensors create a thing laser detection curtain. A virtual security fence enables effective surveillance of critical infrastructures.
    Example: DFSL LFS 100-160
  • Perimeter protection
    Perimeter laser sensors are also used for high-end security applications, creating a circular detection are of 180-360 degrees. Applied at landing areas, rooftops and courtyards.
    Example: DFSL PLS 360
  • Drone detection
    Detect mini drones and other flying objects using vertical laser curtains.
    Example: DFSL 2D-MND 125 or the upcoming 3D sensor.

For perimeter protection (area intruder detection) traditionally RF Radar and Video Analytics or thermal cameras are used. LIDAR offers some advantages over traditional RF Radar systems: the technology is less sensitive to the background of the intruding object (like snow) and the system is not vulnerable to RF interference. Compared to other intruder detection technologies, the systems of DFSL have proven to be performing more accurately in numerous applications worldwide.

DFSL LIDAR sensors can be easily combined with PTZ-cameras. All common interfacing standards are supported.

Check out this video which presents the core portfolio of DFLS:

Please have a look at the DFSL Vendor Page.

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