Openpath Integrates with InvictusXP

Openpath Integrates with InvictusXP

InvictusXP, an entryway technology provider, recently announced its integration with cloud-based access control from Openpath, a Motorola Solutions company. Property managers can now have access to the latest entryway technology which includes an all-in-one security dashboard, keyless entry and self-guided tours for potential residents.

Openpath Integrates with InvictusXP

“It was easy to see how Openpath’s touchless technology could benefit the multifamily and student living lifestyle. The technology is very cool and it fits the resident lifestyle perfectly. Invictus wants to provide an affordable solution for any class of building to make it safer and more convenient.”

Kevin DeMattio, Founder and CEO of Invictus

The smart, modern integration system allows property managers to configure and manage all property locations from a single convenient portal in Openpath’s cloud-based platform, and residents can use mobile credentials for guest access, maintenance, deliveries, and more. Features like these give both residents and staff a low maintenance, future-proof security platform and convenient access.

Through the Invictus app, residents can access their building, including meeting rooms, lobby areas, mailrooms, and fitness spaces right from their smartphone, and they’ll never have to worry about losing their fobs or being locked out of the building again.  

“We’re excited to work with Invictus to provide secure, keyless access and a seamless user experience to residents and building management teams. As people continue working from home, we know that the ability to use amenities and book meeting rooms is important to their resident experience, and our technology is making it easier, safer and more secure for them to do so,” said James Segil, vice president, Access Control at Motorola Solutions.

More information on Invictus’ integration with Motorola Solutions’ Openpath platform can be found on the Invictus website.

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