New Californian office of NTT is equipped with STid Mobile ID

New Californian office of NTT is equipped with STid Mobile ID

NTT company “NTT Research”, a global technology and business solutions provider, recently opened its new offices in California to support its rapid growth. The office is located in Sunnyvale, an area well-known for its high-tech talent pipeline. The modern facilities feature an exceptional integration of security, infrastructure, and operations solutions. Security technology that is deployed includes systems such as access control, modular turnstiles, visitor management, video analytics, climate and air quality monitoring. Brands that were selected are renowned brands in our industry like STid, Genetec, Splan, Mobotix, Dormakaba, etc.

New Californian office of NTT is equipped with STid Mobile ID

STid Group, a globally active manufacturer of next generation contactless identification technology, was selected by NTT Global Sourcing, an organisation established by NTT Inc. to set up strategic global partner relationships and expand NTT market share.

“We acknowledge the importance of challenging conventional norms in electronic security. NTT Global Purchasing strives to create a convergence and global strategy to actively enhance the competitive position of the company through their numerous top-level suppliers.”– said Arvind Kumar – VP, Global Head of Indirects at NTT Global Sourcing Inc.

With the release of Architect® Blue readers and STid Mobile ID® App, STid has arguably reinvented access control. STid Mobile ID for example is a user-friendly identification solutions that transfers access cards onto the smartphone of users. These virtual cards can work alongside physical RFID cards or they can replace them.

“New factors are starting to become increasingly important when designing High-Security buildings. As staff members are more concerned about having an exceptional experience at work, they start to consider the building environment.”– commented Matthew D Ireland, Chief Information Security Officer at NTT Research.

This strategic partnership ensures that the NTT facility will benefit from having an adequate security level in place, while STid’s multiple interfaces and open protocol options ensure interoperability with other systems in the security ecosystem of NTT. STid technology enables unified identification across diverse systems such as corporate access control, printing, vending machines, visitor management, lockers, cashless restaurants, time and attendance, etc.

Alex Valadez- Innovati Inc. – comments about this Strategic Partnership “Companies are exposed to the constant global risks that involve damage to the company’s reputation, heavy economic losses or even the well-being of employees. We offer all kinds of technological solutions to improve and streamline internal processes and guarantee the well-being and safety of the company. We have a profound expertise in supporting companies incorporate instinctive readers and cards to enhance their businesses. We are collaborating with NTT to implement a comprehensive security management autonomy and increasing the global mobility NTT requires.”

A large number of ARCS-B / BT: Keypad / RFID / Bluetooth® / NFC readers, and ARCS-AQ/BT: Standard / Bluetooth® / NFC / QR Code readers and a couple of ARC-D / BT: Standard/ Biometric readers and ARCS-H / BT: Desktop Bluetooth® readers are being implemented at the Sunnyvale office to comply with the challenging variety of user profiles at NTT.

“We commiserate with NTT and Innovati Inc. core values, our firm commitment to our clients shaped by our outstanding customer service, our quest for technical excellence archived by only deploying top of the range components, and our passion for cutting edge technology with ambitious character will be the foundations of our alliance” – explains Pierre-Antoine Larrera de Morel- STid Group Global VP.

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