New and Popular Applications With ANPR

New and Popular Applications with ANPR

Lately we have spoken to many partners and clients of our ANPR vendor Tattile. During these very interesting conversations we have found that there are many new applications of ANPR technology. And it also appears that some of the application that existed earlier, are now getting to breakthrough adoption levels.

pular Applications with ANPR

Of course most of you are aware that ANPR technology is used in parking facilities of corporate sites and also in speed enforcement situations. But did you know that there are many other situations where ANPR is used to identify vehicles? Let’s look at some of those area’s, which all have direct or indirect link to security. These developments are possible because of two obvious trends: license plate recognition is much improved and offers great

Ticket-less parking

One clear breakthrough area for ANPR is the concept of ticket-less parking. It is talked about for decades, but in some countries it is turning into reality. Customers can pre-register or register on-site. But the customer experience is great. They drive in a barrier-less parking facility. And they easily drive out. When registered they will be invoiced. Or they can choose to pay in the facility. The results of this approach: improved customer satisfaction, better occupancy-rates, higher revenues and improved marketing opportunities now that customers are known to the parking operator. And the improved customer awareness and surveillance help decrease security related incidents.

City surveillance

Modern cities deal with enormous challenges that are related to the increase in population and related traffic. Ensuring sufficient traffic flow while safeguarding the security levels in the city is not an easy task for local police forces. Modern ANPR cameras do not only read the license plate, but are also capable of identifying vehicle characteristics, just by analyzing the image of the vehicle. Brand, color, class and model can be identified. When ANPR-cameras are rolled out city-wide, the city surveillance backend system now enables the police to monitor the traffic flow and collect traffic statistics. But when security-related incidents occur, the police can do a real-time and historical investigation about the whereabouts of certain vehicles.

Unmanned fueling stations and car washes

In many countries there is a trend visible that the costs of labor are too high to afford in situations where most services are automated. The only human intervention often has to do with payments. But in situations like gas stations and car washes there often is no budget available for personnel to be available 24/7. That is why in many European countries these facilities are turned into unmanned operations. ANPR readers are used to identify vehicles of clients and offer them automated services, including payment for the services provided. The customer experience is safeguarded by smooth running installations with highly accurate ANPR performance. The successful vehicle identification and monitoring of vehicles entering en exiting the facility helps keep the operation running smooth, safe and secure.

Mobile control of insurance and payment status

ANPR cameras can be used not only in stationary installations, but also in mobile situations. It helps improve surveillance by governments and enforcement agencies to to more effectively and efficiently find vehicles that were used in incidents, which are uninsured or which belong to individuals that have deserved a little additional attention by government officials. ANPR readers can read license plates in an automated yet accurate way, matching the read plates with lists of license plates that, for whatever reason, require attention. This automated scanning helps find stolen vehicles, vehicles used in crimes or vehicles that belong to suspects.

Tunnel and road safety

Tunnels usually are equipped with inductive loops inside the road surface to monitor the movement and speed of vehicles inside the tunnel. This helps detect and identify situations that may be hazardous or dangerous to the drivers inside the tunnel. Active camera surveillance often is used in combination with the inductive loops. A current trend seems to be that more and more international tunnel specifications include ANPR cameras that are capable of reading plates and classifying vehicles. In addition modern cameras also include the ability to support Automated Incident Detection (AID) based on AI technology. Not only is the speed and density of traffic monitored, but in addition events can be detected that relate to wrong-way drivers, illegal lane switching, lost cargo and pedestrians on the highway. These events can then be related to the license plates that are present at the time of the incident.

Now that ANPR cameras are getting more and more accurate and additionally are combined with AI capabilities, it is our expectation that the technology will be more widely adopted and that new use cases will emerge in the period ahead of us.

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  1. […] Vehicles should be an object for security in many situations, Safety and security in industrial estates, corporate sites, university campuses and hospitals often rely on swift and accurate identifciation of vehicles from employees, suppliers or visitors. Italian manufacturer Tattile is a global player when it comes to ANPR solutions. Their ANPR readers are capable to read license plates at relatively high speed and they are even able to classify the vehicle. […]

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