Monitoring Railroad Crossings in Argentina with Tattile ANPR

Monitoring Railroad Crossings in Argentina with Tattile ANPR

According to local authorities of the city of Pilar in Argentina, on average 60 vehicles per day crossed the unsupervised railroad crossing of the San Martìn railway even when the train barriers were closed, and a train was already approaching. This led to investigations by the railroad company Trenes Argentinos and the municipality of Pilar to install a solution that would help avoiding accidents caused by these unauthorized crossing of the tracks. The selected solution consists of traffic monitoring cameras with automatic number plate recognition capability.

Monitoring Railroad Crossings in Argentina with Tattile ANPR

An additional benefit of the level crossing enforcement solution, consisting of smart Tattile traffic cameras, is that the system also warns Trenes Argentinos in case of a malfunction of the signals protecting the railway crossing. A quick incident response is now possible and engineers can be sent on-site to re-enable drivers to cross the intersection.

Since the problem of unauthorized crossing of closed railway barriers exists in many other intersections of rail and roads across Argentina, plans are to expand this project to other areas such as Moròn, Tres de Febrero, Quilmes and San Miguel in order to further reduce low-barrier railroad violations through applying ANPR technology.


A core component in the railway crossing monitoring solution is the Tattile VEGA SMART 2HD camera.

The state of the art, Vega Smart 2HD has been specifically conceived to cover with outstanding performances all the requirements in free flow tolling, traffic monitoring and security. The system is able to cover two lanes at 7.5 meters width maximum and detects vehicles at a speed of up to 250 km/h.

Thanks to the revolutionary open architecture and thanks to the extra CPU capacity, Vega Smart 2HD is much more than an ANPR (ALPR) camera as additional functionalities can be added (also in a second moment) in order to allow vehicle color, brand and model recognition; furthermore, on top of the ANPR (ALPR) functionality, an HD streaming for video surveillance can be implemented as well, optimizing space and costs.

This railway crossing safety application is one of many examples of current ANPR applications.

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