MegaMatcher 12 Multi-Biometric Product Line from Neurotechnology Includes Major Enhancements

MegaMatcher 12 Multi-Biometric Product Line from Neurotechnology Includes Major Enhancements

The latest MegaMatcher 12 line of biometric solutions and SDKs includes major upgrades to fingerprint, face, iris and voice algorithms for fast and highly accurate identification using single or multiple biometric modalities.

Neurotechnology Megamatcher 12

Neurotechnology, a provider of deep learning-based solutions and high-precision biometric identification technologies, today announced the release of the new MegaMatcher 12 line of biometric on-premise and cloud solutions and software development kits (SDKs). The latest updates include algorithm enhancements that significantly improve recognition accuracy across fingerprint, face, iris and voice biometric modalities. The MegaMatcher 12 line includes the enhanced MegaMatcher Accelerator, for which the Extreme edition can now match up to 1.2 billion fingerprint, face or irises per second without a GPU. This greatly simplifies deployment without requiring installation of special hardware. And, most importantly, this high speed does not come at a cost of reduced accuracy – the Extreme edition’s recognition accuracy is the same as for other slower MegaMatcher Accelerator editions. Each biometric modality in MegaMatcher 12 can be used alone or in combination for fast and reliable identification.

“The MegaMatcher 12 line reflects the results of several years of achievements in our research and development, with improvements that make it easier to use biometrics at a large scale,” said Irmantas Naujikas, Director for Neurotechnology. “In addition to releasing this upgrade, we are also pleased to highlight that our algorithms continue to achieve top rankings by accuracy in the latest independent evaluations – including the first place in both NIST MINEX III and NIST PFT III, the second place in NIST IREX IX, the first place in FVC-onGoing fingerprint and palmprint verification – and, most importantly, they are proven in national scale biometric projects worldwide.”

Besides improved overall recognition quality for fingerprint, face, iris and voice modalities, other major enhancements in the new MegaMatcher 12 product line include:

  • Fingerprint. Improved slap fingerprint quality assessment to detect incorrectly scanned images, such as only finger tips present or wrong hand or thumbs in a 4-4-2 scenario. There is a new finger liveness detection feature for fraud identification. And it also includes broader biometric standards support covering NFIQ 2.0 and enhancements to the fingerprint matching in MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme, which can now achieve GPU-level matching speeds without a GPU.
  • Face. Improved facial feature points detection as well as overall face detection.
  • Iris. Matching algorithm improvements for MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme edition, resulting in the higher matching speed – currently the same as for fingerprint and face modalities – up to 1.2 billion irises per second on single server.
  • Voice. The latest voice algorithm includes improved text-independent recognition.

The Full MegaMatcher 12 Product Line

MegaMatcher ABIS – A complete biometric solution available as both an on-premise solution or a cloud service. MegaMatcher ABIS includes all of the algorithms and software necessary for the deployment of large-scale multi-biometric projects using fingerprint, face and/or iris biometrics. The turnkey biometric system is ready to use, or it can be customized to address particular business needs. Capabilities include identity management, deduplication, adjudication and a latent fingerprint editor among other features. The solution is designed for national ID, voter registration with record deduplication, passport issuance, border control, forensic/criminal investigations, government e-services, social services, banking systems, healthcare and other civil and private applications.

MegaMatcher Accelerator – MegaMatcher Accelerator is a combined software and hardware solution that provides high-speed, high-volume biometric identification for national-scale projects. It includes fingerprint, face, iris and palmprint modalities with an even faster and more robust set of algorithms and failover architecture that utilizes a peer-to-peer network structure. Nodes may also be added dynamically. It is available in several editions, including the Extreme edition, which is capable of matching 1.2 billion fingerprints per second, 1.2 billion faces per second or 1.2 billion irises per second on a single server without a GPU – making it well-suited for large scale biometric projects and short-timeline deduplication processes.

MegaMatcher SDK– MegaMatcher SDK is for the development of large-scale single- or multi-biometric systems for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and ARM Linux platforms. It includes the following biometric modalities as well as SDKs for them: fingerprint (VeriFinger), face (VeriLook), eye iris (VeriEye) and voice (VeriSpeak). The MegaMatcher SDK also includes a palm print modality. Each modality can be used alone or in any combination with other modalities.

Source: Neurotechnology

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