Making acquaintance with… Pete Jones (Third Millennium)

Making acquaintance with… Pete Jones (Third Millennium)

A returning feature on is the ‘Making acquaintance with…”-section. In each episode the CEO or a leading professional from one of our vendors will be introduced to our community. In this episode we are getting acquainted with Pete Jones, founder and Managing Director of RFID Reader manufacturer Third Millennium.

Pete Jones of Third Millennium
Pete Jones of Third Millennium

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your company?

I founded Third Millennium in 1996 to provide “secure technology for the future”. Since then we have successfully tracked the trends in the industry and delivered a stream of access control products that, today, are found in some of the world’s leading corporations.

What is the core business of your company?

Third Milllennium designs and manufactures a range of access control readers focussing on a range of high-end technologies including OSDP, DESFire EV2 and Bluetooth. We also personalise and sell the credentials that complement our reader products.

What is the product from your company that you are most proud of?

A father should be equally proud of all his children! The most significant product introduction occurred in 2013 with RX Series reader range which quickly proliferated to allow us to deliver and support major global projects and transform the business.

Which current industry trends are of strategic importance to your company?

Convergence, convergence and convergence. There is a tension between the traditional access control system and current best practice in information technology. The opportunity is to reinvent access control and draw on the best practices in information technology, especially cybersecurity. The challenge is to provide products that allow large end users to migrate their systems in a step-wise manner and stage the investment required to bring their systems up to date.

What can we expect from your company in the upcoming years?

Convergence brings many opportunities. The cloud/edge model brings even more opportunities. Third Millennium is actively pursuing ideas in these areas so stay tuned…

Is there something that you would like to bring to the attention of the security industry?

Whilst these issues may have been done to death by now, there is no harm in highlighting the two main vulnerabilities in access control card and reader technology. In both cases, Third Millennium have effective solutions.

  1. If you have cards that can be cloned (e.g. 125kHz cards, Mifare Classic) replace your readers and cards and migrate to a secure 13.56MHz card solution based on DESFire EV2.
  2. If you have perimeter readers connected to your system using Wiegand. Upgrade the readers for OSDP communication to the panel. If the control panel does not support OSDP, install an OSDP/Wiegand converter.


Thanks so much Pete for sharing this information with us. Good luck with your business!

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