Making acquaintance with… Massimiliano Cominelli (Tattile)

Making acquaintance with… Massimiliano Cominelli from Tattile

A new feature on is the ‘Making acquaintance with…”-section. In each episode the CEO or a leading professional from one of our vendors will be introduced to our community. In this very first episode we are getting acquainted with Massimiliano Cominelli, who is the Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Italian ANPR-manufacturer Tattile.

Tattile Massimiliano Cominelli

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your company?
My name is Massimiliano Cominelli, I am with Tattile for almost 12 years now and I am the company C.S.O.
Tattile is an Italian manufacturing company that specializes in Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Since November 2018, Tattile is part of TKH group, a Dutch group of companies, stock noted, with
approximately 1.5 Billions Euro turnover .
Tattile employs 80 people, of which 50% work in R&D. Thanks to these over forty engineers with various specializations in hardware and software design, we are able to provide “tailored” and, at the same time, cutting-edge solutions. All the devices (HW and SW) are internally developed and manufactured by our teams, giving us full control over our development and production cycle, which increases our flexibility and scalability. The manufacturing process is 100% executed in Italy. Tattile has currently (May 2019) more than 43.000 cameras installed in 65 countries!

What is the core business of your company?
Our focus is to produce Intelligent Cameras to be used in Tolling, Enforcement and in the Security (Tracking) business. Thanks to our complete portfolio we are capable to provide a scalable and adequate solution for almost any ITS application. The devices are designed to be flexible. If new market trends change our customers requirements, we can provide a fast reaction.
Our ANPR devices are all capable to detect and recognize the vehicle number plate, as well as the vehicle brand, colour, class and model. They can be used for reactive traffic monitoring, but also support live streaming. Nowadays our cameras really support big data collection system scenarios, where we are providing accurate vehicle identification, which is usable for multiple purposes: tracking, tolling, crime enforcement, government purpose, traffic planners, marketing research etc.

What is the product from your company that you are most proud of?
Without a doubt: The Smart 2HD.
It is our flagship product, able to support the most complex applications, such as vehicles tracking/security by police forces, crime enforcement purposes and of course multi-lane free flow tolling.
The device has tremendous computational AI capabilities on board, allowing the system to collect as much data as possible without the need for any additional external system.
The core of the Smart 2HD consists of an on-board ANPR engine combined with a dual channel camera, built in a compact case. This extremely compact design and embedded intelligence provides the best possible output, since all algorithms are inside the system and the delivered data is ready to be interpreted by the user. The camera allows an easy setup to minimize the installation and maintenance time. Thanks to its local storage, it can work stand-alone in case the connectivity is temporarily interrupted.
The intelligent traffic system provides color video streaming via standard RTSP protocol. Thanks to its high sensitivity image sensors, successful ANPR reading and video streaming is possible even in harsh and low-light conditions. It is possible to wirelessly connect the camera using LTE and GPS.
These advanced features of this device, combined with the strong standard functionalities from Tattile devices, turn the Tattile Smart 2HD into a compact, but really powerful collector of all relevant data needed for vehicle identification and road control.

Which current industry trends are of strategic importance to your company?
It seems that currently there is a strong and growing demand for ANPR devices that are capable of meeting very high accuracy requirements. This applies to innovative traffic management applications, but his trend also is visible in the security industry.
Tattile has always strived for the best possible performance in its devices, so this trend provides us with a lot of opportunity to showcase our products in prestigious projects. We strongly believe that the combination of high accuracy and strong reliability of our products have made our products popular, so that is what you can expect from us in the future as well.

What can we expect from your company in the upcoming years?
A lot of things really. Our R&D team is continuously working on new and innovative solutions. We expect small and big innovations to be released to our portfolio in the upcoming years. We are currently actively engaged in a development project which aims to deliver a tool which is specifically useful for security and access control applications. More will follow, stay tuned!

Thank you very much Massimiliano, and good luck with your business!

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