Latest Release of Domox Control App Offers Fully Integrated User Experience for Aritech Intrusion Detection and KNX Home Automation

Latest Release of Domox Control App Offers Fully Integrated User Experience for Aritech Intrusion Detection and KNX Home Automation

Dutch security innovator Delightica has announced the newest release of its Domox platform. The Domox platform consists of a controller that connects to the intrusion alarm system and collects all information from that alarm system. The controller also can connect to the KNX home automation system and retrieve information from it about the lay out and configuration. A cloud-based wizard can be used to easiliy connect to the controller and configure the integration between the alarm system and the home automation system and to upload maps of the facility.

The Domox Control App is then ready to be used to control the intrusion alarm system (currently Aritech is supported), control KNX devices and view the streams from installed IP cameras.

Domox Control App

The latest release of the Domox Control App offers users an intuitive, effective and fully integrated interface. It is available on Apple iPhone and Apple iPad and is designed with the highest levels of security in mind. To understand what a typical Domox installation is capable of and what graphical user interface is available in the Domox Control App, please have a look at the following images.

Domox Aritech Alarm Overview and Controls
Aritech Alarm Overview and Controls

The alarm status is visible in a comprehensive list, but also graphically in a map. The user sees if the system is armed in specific rooms. Arming and disarming is easy. Alarms are presented graphically, but also using audio. The Domox Control App supports the ability to sound the alarm as a critical event, which means it will always be sufficientlt loud, even if the device sound is set to a lower volume.

The system can be reset with one button press. The history of events can be reviewed and the system even supports a panic button with configurable functionality.

Domox Rooms Overview
Rooms Overview

Camera footage can be monitored from the same Domox Control App. If an alarm is generated, users can quickly review the camera images to verify if a security incident is occurring. Camera streams are usually routed through the Domox Controller, which means that the footage is available to the user instantaneously, virtually without any delay.

Domox Room Activities
Room Activities

Per room home automation activities can be made available. For example audio related activities like listening to a variety of sources for music, like Heos radio or Spotify music.

Domox - Room Activity: Heos Radio
Room Activity – Heos Radio

When using Heos radio, favorite stations will be shown and playback can easily be started and stopped. Setting the audio output level is a piece of cake.

KNX Light Controls
KNX Light Controls

But also light control are available. Manually setting the several KNX connected lights is possible, but also so-called scenes are supported with pre-defined settings. Latest Release of Domox Control App Offers Fully Integrated User Experience for Aritech Intrusion Detection and KNX Home Automation
KNX Climate Controls

KNX Climate Controls are available for all connected heating, ventilation or air conditioning devices. Blinds can be opened and closed as well. Of course also in this case it is possible to apply settings manually or use pre-defined scenes.

Domox Connected Devices
Connected Devices

The user interface of the Domox Control app was designed to allow users to perform tasks easily, quickly and without error. It should provide the user with a sense of being in full control, without being overwhelmed with unnecessary information and options.

System integrators can configure the Domox Control App for their endusers with the online Domox Portal, which contains a wizard-like interface to save time and prevent errors. Configuration and many support tasks can now be performed remotely and without delay, whic is of benefit to both the Domox user and the company that performs the installation and configuration.

Delightica is looking for security installers that deal with Aritech and/or KNX home automation. If you would like to find out more, please contact us of have a look at or (in Dutch).

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