Large US Energy Company Deploys Integrated IntelliShift-Cypress Solution

Large US Energy Company Deploys Integrated IntelliShift-Cypress Solution

With over 7,000 field assets, a large diversified US energy company of 12,000+ employees was searching for a fleet and safety management platform that would use existing corporate IDs to authenticate operators and integrate securely with its enterprise infrastructure. The solution had to meet enterprise security specifications, accommodate different types of corporate issued ID badges and credentials, and be cost-effective to deploy.

Large US Energy Company Deploys Integrated IntelliShift-Cypress Solution

In addition to the requirement for extending enterprise-grade access control to the field, the company needed to easily gain insights on asset utilization such as mileage and fuel consumption as well as equipment usage and location history. This helped ensure operators were not being overworked and any safety or other potential compliance issues that might arise could be addressed. Implementing the joint solution was imperative to harness digital field data to reduce costs and accidents, meet Department of Transportation (DoT) regulatory requirements and maximize resources while minimizing paperwork for field operators.

IntelliShift’s powerful capabilities, ease of use, API and back-end analytics made it the platform of choice for the utility company. By partnering with Cypress, IntelliShift was able to leverage the utility company’s existing enterprise security architecture and launch the system—including outfitting more than 7,000 field assets, vehicles and equipment—with credential readers in less than 3 months.

“Working with IntelliShift to integrate fleet operations with existing access control systems has been the kind of challenge we relish. What the utility provider wanted was a perfectly logical request, but it was nearly impossible before this solution.”

Paul Ahern, president of Cypress Integration Solutions

Using established, secure credentials guards against the possibility of someone gaining access through a less-secure, third-party fob to spoof and bypass the system. The in-cab reader provides a simple, interactive experience for operators including audible and visible feedback, making the system easy to use with little to no training. The benefits extend to worker safety, productivity, compliance and accounting.

The energy company is now able to meet DoT regulatory requirements such as tracking hours of service and vehicle inspections. Driver scorecards help reduce accidents and improve service delivery times. Monitoring has been extended to accessories on heavy-duty trucks, such as the bucket lift and alternate power diesel generators, helping determine true work time as well as deliver ROI on fuel savings from the additional power units.

Gain a Higher Level of Secure Operational Efficiency

The integrated IntelliShift-Cypress solution delivers fortified, single ID, secure access control across all assets and locations along with end-to-end visibility and data intelligence to optimize business processes. Reduce costs and accidents, address safety issues, meet regulatory requirements and oversee resource utilization while leveraging existing access credentials.

Large US Energy Company Deploys Integrated IntelliShift-Cypress Solution

The in-cab IntelliShift IoT gateway establishes a highly secure connection to the enterprise cloud infrastructure so powerful end-to-end fleet and safety management capabilities become possible. When an operator uses an existing badge, ID card or key fob to access systems on the vehicle, a code from the operator’s HID or other credential is obtained. The code is used with the enterprise’s personnel databases to securely identify the operator and grant access as appropriate. This allows a company to extend enterprise identity and access control to the edge of mobile field and asset operations.

More information: Cypress Integration Solutions website

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