Keeping modern cities and other sites secure with cutting-edge security solutions

Keeping modern cities and other sites secure with cutting-edge security solutions

In today’s world we have learned the value of feeling safe and secure. Cities are expanding. Corporate sites are growing. Airports are vital to the economy. And our systems and organisations are scaling up in size and complexity. To ensure business continuity and the safety of people, security policies are put in place and security technology is deployed. The participants of the online security trade show on are offering a wide variety of security solutions. These solutions combined offer great opportunities to keep modern cities and urban environment safe and secure. Let’s review some of these systems and their value to our security installations…

Keeping modern cities and sites secure with cutting-edge security solutions

A – Keeping roads safe and secure

Tattile ANPR cameras can be used to read the license plates and monitor and analyze the traffic at city roads. Blacklisted cars can be detected. Suspicious or unsafe driving bahavior can be noticed. The average speed can be measured to enforce safe driving speed. New AI type functionality of cameras will in the near future allow you to see if seat belts are worn and if drivers are distracted by their smartphone while driving.

Toll roads and limited traffic zones are planned to ensure smooth traffic flow for citizens. Modern ANPR cameras enable free-flow tolling and continuous monitoring of traffic in environmental zones. Automatic classification of vehicles by the cameras ensures that only allowed vehicle types make sure of the road infrastructure. The police uses the cameras that are deployed throughout the city to monitor the traffic, but also to respond immediately and effectively in case of security incidents.

B – Securing vehicle entrances

When needed sites can be equipped with high secure vehicle entrances from EL-GO Team. Bollards easily open for authorized traffic, but provide excellent protection against terrorist threats. Visiting vehicles are identified using ANPR. Police forces, emergence services and authorized staff get access using STid’s automatic vehicle identification solution: The STID Spectre UHF reader is capable of reading batteryless adhesive tags that are situated on the front wind shield.

The police also uses temporary road blockers to protect against heavy vehicles. And in other locations, shallow mount sliding barriers, like METIS from EL-GO Team are used, providing an elegant but effective protection against unauthorized access from vehicles to secured zones. The tunnels and driveways that provide access to specific zones are also being watched by smart cameras and protected by high secure vehicle entrances.

C – Intrusion detection at perimeters, rooftops and facades of buildings

Sophisticated cameras, perhaps equipped with smart apps, can be used to monitor areas and automtically detect movement or specific bahavior. Facial recognition and temperature screening techniques can be applied remotely of privacy policies permit their use.

To reduce false alarms and detect any movement, the use of LIDAR scanners from DFSL can be considered. These sensors use invisible laser beam curtains to detect any significant movement in proximity of long stretched gates, buidling facades or at rooftops.

Smart 2D LIDAR Scanners from DFSL can be used to detect drones that are intruding secure air spaces of the site.

Keeping modern cities and other sites secure with cutting-edge security solutions

D – Acces control and security management

Many modern access control and security management systems (from vendors like Gallagher, Easysecure or Nedap) will eneable you to control who has access to speficied zones or buidings at specified times. Whether cloud-based or installed on-premise, these systems should support you to define your best-of-breed security solutions using standards like OSDP. If needed, smart integration solutions from Cypress can help you ingegrate multiple components, for example with their OSDP interface. They will also help you extend your access control to the outside of the buildin with their mobile handheld RFID reader.

When inside the access lanes and turnstiles of Geran Access Products will help secure the entrances to the various zones and floors inside your building. A brand new access control concept is the entrance lane that is usually open and only closes when an attempt to get unauthorized access is detected.

Intruders of building will be detected by sophisticated alarm systems from Aritech and the damage of their criminal behavior and intentions will be limited by the smoke generators from Fog Armed. They will not steal what they do not see.

To securely allow visitors in, people can use video door phones with advanced options from Akuvox.

E – Robotized patrolling and guarding

No matter the amount of cameras and sensors that are installed, there will always be a need to patrol areas to really make sure the local situation is monitored from all angles. Prevention and public service may be other concept that benefit from active patrolling and guarding services. Of course these services can be provided by security services companies that employ trained, skilled and certfied security professionals.

SMP Robotics has spent years with the brightest minds in the industry to design and manufacture security robots that are capable to operate continuously under the most harsh or challenging conditions.

These robots are equipped with modern technologies: AI driven sensors and camera that enable the robots to perform very specific or challeging tasks, like gas detection and electrical substation inspection.

F – Identifying people

Identifying people as part of access control procedures or other applications is possible in many ways. Traditionally access cards are often used (proximity cards and smart cards). RFID card readers come in many different shapes and forms with a variety of options related to security measures (encryption) and functionality (PIN-pad, mounting, etc.).

But of course there are also very smart looking and securely operation biometric identification solutions. Idemia from France and TBS from Switzerland are famous for their biometric systems.

But of course the most obvious current trend in identifying people is the use of smartphones. French identification technology specialist STid probably offers one of the most useful, effective, versatile and intrinsically secure Mobile ID solution platforms in the industry today. The platform comes with an app, portal and readers that offer a great user experience and that enable easy interfacing with access control systems.

G – Safeguarding employee safety

When talking about concepts like enterprise security management, security convergence and business continuity, we often focus on technology and how to use it to secure buildings or physical assets inside the building. Somehow we often overlook the most valuable assets in our organisation: our staff. Their skills, knowledge and insights are of key importance to the continuity of our organisations. But how do make sure that they are safe and doing well? Do we know where they are travelling? Do we understand the risks related to their wellbeing? Safeture helps your company and your employees to quickly take control of the situation and make informed decisions. The Safeture platform is the best choice for companies that want to protect their employees from risks and act professionally when something happens.

The overview above hopefully is a clear illustration of the fact that the solutions of our vendors offer great value for current and future security installations in smart cities, corporate sites and other populated environments. Feel free to browse through the categories of the online security trade show!

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