Johnson Controls releases CEM Systems AC2000 v10.5 Security Management System

Johnson Controls releases CEM Systems AC2000 v10.5 Security Management System

Johnson Controls has announced the release of CEM Systems AC2000 v10.5 that offers new features to increase an organisation’s disaster recovery and resilience with AC2000 Multi-node Failover. Other enhancements in v10.5 include the modernization of the AC2000 WEB user interface, AC2000 Super RTC, and emerald Mustering application.

Johnson Controls releases CEM Systems AC2000 v10.5 Security Management System

A hardware enhancement has been released alongside AC2000 v10.5 in the form of the CEM Systems LC400 Lift Controller.

In a world where increasing automation services are depended upon, system administrators turn towards additional options designed to increase system resilience and high availability. CEM Systems AC2000 Multi-node Failover server provides a HADR (High availability Disaster Recovery) solution. The HADR solution supports up to four nodes failover cluster, supporting one primary server and a maximum of three secondary servers or nodes. This eliminates a single point of failure and continues to provide recovery and continued functionality of vital processes.

Additional AC2000 v10.5 enhancements include:

  • AC2000 WEB applications have been re-styled with a modern, clean and intuitive interface. The restyle has focused on the user experience with improvements to all visual elements of the applications including the simplified colour palette, layout of applications, navigation of the menu bar, and restyled simplified icons across all applications.
  • The AC2000 Super RTC is a server designed to host multiple AC2000 Ethernet Reader Controllers. The super RTC is capable to host up to a maximum of 2048 access doors or addressed AC2000 devices, this total is equivalent to eight standard RTC units. A single super RTC provides an economical saving by using less rack space, using less electrical power and produces less heat than several RTC hardware servers.
  • The emerald Muster application provides zone monitoring and personnel listings directly at the door via the emerald terminal. The Mustering App allows authorised personnel and first responders to select a muster zone and view the ‘In Zone Count’ as well as a list of the names of those ‘in zone’ cardholders. This enables first responders to verify building occupancy directly at an emerald terminal which can help improve health and safety and mustering times in the event of an evacuation.
  • Enhanced integrations include IDEMIA enrolment and new Suprema Biostar biometric enrolment as well as support for HID Signo reader range and HID Origo mobile ID credential platform.

CEM Systems hardware offering has been enhanced with the release of the LC400 lift controller. The new lift controller provides a simplified lift access control architecture and embedded lift control up to four floors out of the box, before the addition of expansion boards. The installer led design includes an onboard keypad, LCD display, intuitive wiring overlay, web dashboard, and improved enclosure for ease of installation and maintenance.

Source: Tyco CEM Systems

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