Johnson Controls releases CEM Systems AC2000 v10.3 Security Management System with Covid-19 response

Johnson Controls releases CEM Systems AC2000 v10.3 Security Management System with Covid-19 response

Johnson Controls has announced the release of CEM Systems AC2000 v10.3 that offers new features to assist an organisation’s response to Covid-19. Other enhancements in v10.3 include the new AC2000 Car Parks application, a powerful Custom Report Generator and improvements to AC2000 Web applications.


A number of new hardware enhancements have been released alongside AC2000 v10.3 including the CEM Systems DCM400 POE power supply unit and CEM Systems EIOC400 input output controller.

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic a number of the enhancements have been developed in AC2000 v10.3:

  • Organisations that find they need to change or reduce employees working hours can now simplify the process of updating the access level and time zone of a large group of cardholders via a batch update of Access Level and Time Zone in AC2000 Personnel.
  • A new Contact Report has been added to the AC2000 Reports application which can be used to help an organisation, as part of a contact tracing process, to identify what users may have come into close proximity of a confirmed Covid-19 person of interest.
  • Automatic reactivation of access removes the need for the system administrator to manually process any reactivation requests. This helps to ensure that any returning staff will not be delayed on their scheduled return to site.

Additional AC2000 v10.3 enhancements include:

  • The new AC2000 Car Parks client application that helps improve resource allocation by ensuring only valid/permitted cardholders can access the permitted carparks at the allocated time.
  • The powerful Custom Report Generator tool with intuitive graphical interface. Database tables can be dragged and dropped into the custom report canvas with the option to automatically or manually join tables. Reports can be configured to include certain columns and clauses can be added to refine the report results further.
  • The addition of AC2000 WEB Time Zones and Holidays application and AC2000 WEB Devices application enhances the AC2000 WEB offering from CEM Systems. The applications have a similar layout to the client applications but with the benefit of not requiring workstation software to be configured.
  • The new ‘Remarks’ and ‘Card Status’ fields in AC2000 Personnel provide improved visibility and reasoning of current card status and historical changes.

Hardware enhancements released alongside AC2000 v10.3 include:

  • The Ethernet Input Output Controller (EIOC400) from CEM Systems is an intelligent input monitor controller, designed to monitor entrance, exit points, and any other sensor that may need to be remotely monitored. It provides a flexible means to monitor and control a range of external equipment used in conjunction with AC2000, and contains a number of installer led features and improvements including, intuitive graphical wiring overlay, on-board touchpad and LCD display for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • The CEM Systems DCM400 door controller is now available with power over ethernet (PoE) power supply options. This adds to the power options available with the DCM400 (12V power, 24V and now PoE power supplies) and eradicates the need to provide local mains power at the door.
  • Support for STiD OSDP readers, adding to the range of secure OSDP readers available for use with CEM Systems AC2000.

Source: Tyco CEM Systems

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