In the Spotlight: Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader

In the Spotlight: Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader

A brand new feature on In the Spotlight! In this section we will pay special attention to some of those unique and truly differentiating solutions and products in our industry. In this very first episode we are looking at the Wireless Handheld Reader that is manufactured by our outstanding First Class Vendor: Cypress Integration Solutions.

In the Spotlight: Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader

The Solution

The wireless handheld reader basically is a cableless extender of normal RFID card readers that are used in access control. The handheld reader can read low frequency and high frequency cards and transmits the card information to a base unit that may be around 45 meters (150 feet) away (indoor) or even up to 150 meters (500 feet) away in outdoor installations.

The idea is that security guards can hold the handheld reader to read cards at any desired location that is remote to the physical installation, but still are real-time connected to the access control system or other type of management system. It is a great solution for any situation where access cards or other RFID labels need to be read at a greater distance, but where long range RFID products (like UHF/Rain RFID) cannot be used for whatever reason (installed based of access cards, environmental condition that affect read performance, etc.)

The Applications

It is a great solution for mustering applications: whenever there is an incident at a site and people are instructed to go the emergency assembly point, the handheld reader can be used to effectively read the access cards of people at the assembly location and match it real-time with the list of people that are known to be in the building or on the site.

Another typical application would be the identification of drivers and passengers in vehicles. There are many technologies available to remotely and automatically identify vehicles, but the challenge often is that the people inside the vehicles are not identified. Whenever an inspection is needed of the content of the vehicle, a guard can use the handheld reader to read the access cards of all the people inside the bus, van, truck or personal car, ensuring that the vehicle is not acting like a trojan horse and allows unauthorized people to access the facility.

And not only access cards can be read. There are also many RFID labels that utilize the same technology, but come in different size and shapes and that are used to identify objects (goods). So the handheld reader would be a great asset for asset tracking. Whenever staff is taking objects (samples, tools, books, instruments, etc.) from the corporate site, these objects can easily be scanned and registered to the person that is taking them.

The wireless handheld reader is basically a great solution for any situation where people or objects need to be identified that carry RFID-labels but that are physically not easily moved close enough to a cabled RFID reader to be identified. Think about random checks by security staff of personnel or visitors in the building or on the site location. Or the identification of cattle or other animals that move around but need to be identified instantly.

The Installation

The installation of the solution is very simple. The base station is installed like any access control card reader. A charging dock is supplied to power the battery of the handheld reader.

The handheld reader is weather proof (IP65). The handheld reader communicates with the based station using microwave frequency (2,4 GHz). Extenders are available to extend the read range even further.

Various versions of the product are available to support all common types access cards.

Visit the website of Cypress Integration Solutions for more information.

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